The feeling of Deja vu came to me again as I listened to what Ben told us, it was the same as what had happened a year ago... I glanced up at Will and thought about all that had happened to us.

It also seemed that I wasn't the only one with family problems however I didn't offer my back story concerning my parents, I looked over the group and smiled as we all wore the same determined look. It was decided... none of us were going to leave.

After the little 'meeting' we sat around the drawing room for a while, I noticed that Charley left after a while, I saw Zoey drawing something and Marc and Jake arguing with Jade trying to keep the peace. Eoin was reading a book, I walked over to the bookshelf that ran across one of the walls and had look at what books were there. There were all the classics plus some modern day books, I picked up 'Sherlock Holmes' and flipped through some of the pages.

I closed the book and turned back round to see Jade smiling happily, I looked at Will questioningly and he whispered something about a talent show.

"Right, Marc and Jake are together.” Jade began. I noticed that neither Marc or Jake looked happy about that, “Let’s mix it up, Ellie and Eoin, Eve and Luke, Lucinda and Ben, Charlotte and Zoey and William and Jade… I mean William and me,"

"That is mixing it up, anyone wanna exchange partners?" I smothered a laugh and smiled to myself as Jade said,

"Hardy hardy harr," She looked at the rest of us, "We'll host the talent show tomorrow evening."

I blinked surprised, a show tomorrow...

"William! I have a great idea, we could sing a song!" I giggled as Will pulled a face and followed Jade out of the room. I glanced around and saw everyone else go off and talk to their partners. I walked over to Ben and raised an eyebrow as I noticed the sword he had strapped on his back,

"Uh... Nice sword." He smiled slightly and said,

"So what should we do?"

"To be honest... I haven't really got a talent..." I grimaced,

"What?" Ben asked questioningly,

"Well that wasn't entirely true. I kind of now some magic tricks...." I trailed off and looked at Ben, he was grinning.


"Well I was just thinking that I never thought of you to be hiding magic up your sleeve." I snorted and gave him a look,

"Hey, there's lots you don't know about me." I smirked,

"Anyway how does magic sound then? Or do you have anything better?" I was half hoping he did, but if I was guessing right nearly everyone would be doing something musical.

Well at least I knew Jade and Will were... Now that I thought about it I had never heard Will sing.

I focused back on Ben and spread my hands,

"So, what do you say... partner,"

The End

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