I dragged a reluctant William out the room; he pulled away and looked at me,

“Don’t make me do this Jade,” he pleaded,

“We’re going to win whether you like it or not,” I said seriously, he looked slightly afraid so I lightened up, “I have a great idea,” he pressed his eyebrows down, as if trying to figure out if I were telling the truth.

“Go on…” he said slowly, I looked around,

“Want to go outside?” I asked, he shrugged,

“Sure.” He seemed to relax, “See you soon Lucy!” he called into the living room, I opened the front door for him and we walked out into the sunshine.

“I love it here already,” I smiled, William stopped and took in the scenery,

“I haven’t seen a place like it,” he said gazing at the mountains which rose in the distance. I continued down the path to a patch of grass, apart from the house blocking one view we almost have a full panorama of beauty. I sat down and gestured for William to join me,

“I have a little secret about you,” I smiled, William went slightly red,

“What?” he asked his eyes narrow,

“I’ve heard you,” I looked away and smiled, “I’ve heard you sing,” he looked away too,

“When?” he pressed,

“A few times, people haven’t been in hearing distance, but I often hear a sound which I tune into, it’s you,” I smiled at him, “You have a nice voice,” I complimented.

“Thanks,” he smiled embarrassed,

“We’ve never really spent time together,” I told him, “We should,” William nodded and lay back to look up,

“Can you sing?” William asked, I glanced down at him and smiled wistfully,

“Oh William,” I grinned, “Course I can, that’s my great idea,” he began to laugh, “What?” I asked,

“You’re so full of yourself,” I pursed my lips,

“Well thanks,” I said sourly,

“Don’t take it badly, it’s just your personality,” he stopped laughing seeing he had hurt my feelings, “Sorry,” he apologized.

“I didn’t used to be,” I whispered, William sat up, “Mum and Dad died, that was hard for me and my brother Max, but with him at work and me at school, there was no one around to encourage me. No one to tell me I was doing a good job, no one to smile and say, ‘You’re so good at that.’ I began to feel down again, and then one day a teacher overheard me singing and said I had a good voice, it made me feel so good, that I began to compliment myself. It happened more and more, I guess it’s become a habit.” William rubbed my back gently,

“Sorry,” he said again, I forced back the tears,

“It’s fine,” I smiled, “I am trying to be modest, I really am,” he smiled,

“I’ve never heard you sing,” William said with a twinkle in his eye, I smiled back at him,

“Well, do you want to do a song for the show?” I asked, he nodded,

“Sure why not?” he turned his body to face me, “What do you want to sing?” I heard a cry,

“One moment,” I put my finger up to quiet him and closed my eyes, focusing on the sound,

“No Marc, we’re not going to do kung-fu, it’s not even a talent! It’s just an excuse for you to hurt me!” came Jake’s voice. I snickered,

“What?” William whispered,

“Marc and Jake antics,” I replied, William nodded a knowing nod,

“How about the beauty of verse?” Marc asked in a joking voice,

“Not a bad idea, know any French poems?” Jake replied,

“A few, do you have any ideas, I’m not sure reciting a poem would go down too well with the others,”

“They’re thinking about doing a poem,” I giggled, William smiled a crooked smile,

“That’d be funny,” he said, I zoned back into our little world in the garden.

“You can choose a song,” I said to William, he smiled and then frowned,

“Hey, what’s that thing on the mountain over there?” he asked me, I stared down to where his finger was pointing, zooming in using my sensitive eyes. I smiled as a feeling of contentment washed over me,

“That William, is the Prophet Moses,” William raised an eyebrow,

“How do you know?”

“I just do.” I replied.

The End

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