I knew Charley wasn’t really fitting in so well, I guessed because even if we didn’t want to merge with the group we still had our partners, our soul mates, our best friends. I smiled at Zoey who was sat by my feet, she was drawing me, I didn’t know she was good at drawing but I patiently awaited the revealing. After Ben had spoken in the meeting I knew I was still in, no matter what. I loved these people and not fighting would be a huge disappointment to everyone, we were in it together.

“Charley won’t fight.” Ben said coming in with Eve, I turned to him,

“Why not?” I demanded,

“She doesn’t feel that it’s her thing and you know, she doesn’t have a power,” Ben said,

“She does,” Eoin spoke up, “She can go invisible.” He said and then returned to his book,

“Whoa… what?” I asked, he looked up again,

“She told me, I thought you were her brother…” he trailed off confused,

“I am her brother, well half-brother,” I corrected. Why hadn’t she told me this? I thought she trusted me, and now she’d gone and told Eoin, some stranger. I breathed out slowly, “I guess she forgot to say,” I amended, Eoin raised an eyebrow,

“Sure,” he said with a hint of English sarcasm.

“Stop moving,” Zoey said smiling, I retained my position but continued the conversation,

“She has to fight, we need everyone we can get,” I said,

“We can’t force her Marc…” Eve said,

“I know, but we can have words with her,” I opted,

“I don’t get why she wouldn’t want to fight,” Jake said coming in, “It’s the best part,”

“You’re a fighter,” I stated, “other people aren’t so naturally inclined,”

“You’re talking about yourself,” Jake said, I narrowed my eyes,

“A few others as well,”

“Look come on Marc, just because your power isn’t the best, don’t be sour,”

“I’m not sour,” I snapped, Jake smirked, Jade entered,

“Be nice,” she said to Jake. I knew she had heard the conversation, even from a mile off she’d hear the conversation. “Fighting isn’t for all of us, but together we make a great team,” she smiled,

“Agreed,” I smiled back,

“And I just want to put this out there,” Luke called up walking in, “Can you guys just get over whatever is making you so mad at each other?”

“I’m not mad,” I said quickly,

“Me either,” Jake replied, Jade began to laugh,

“Oh come on guys, you’ve had a thing with each other since…” she trailed off her eyes widening,

“Since…?” Zoey continued, Jade looked embarrassed,

“Doesn’t matter,” she muttered,

“Tell us,” Jake probed a glint in his eye,

“Since I kissed Marc,” she whispered,

“You what?!” Zoey burst, looking from Jade to me,

“It was ages ago,” we said at the same time, Jade smiled,

“Almost a year ago today, I was sad, we hadn’t got our partners yet and it just sort of happened.” Jade added, I nodded in agreement,

“I wasn’t thinking straight,”

“Me either,” she agreed. Zoey seemed a little less angry,

“I wish you’d told me,” she muttered,

“Sorry, did I tell you I loved you?” I asked, she smiled and nodded.

“Anyway, that’s not my point, are you going to make up?” Luke asked,

“Sure, we did before, we shook on it, remember?” I said,

“A lot of good that did,” Ellie scoffed from the corner,

“I don’t want to intrude,” Eoin said placing his book down, “But I always learnt the best way to build bonds with people was to perform with them,” we all turned to look at him. Each expression showing signs of humour or confusion, “I think we should host a Luxternia Talent Show, LTS.” I gave a look of mild disgust, “Don’t look at me like that, it’ll be fun.” I sat back in my chair and my eye caught Jade’s face, she was beaming.

“Right, Marc and Jake are together.” She almost sang, I left my face of disgust on; Jake’s face portrayed slight arrogance. “Let’s mix it up, Ellie and Eoin, Eve and Luke, Lucinda and Ben, Charlotte and Zoey and William and Jade… I mean William and me,” she smiled,

“That is mixing it up, anyone wanna exchange partners?” I asked, Luke smirked, Jade gave me evils,

“Hardy Hardy Har,” she said slyly, “We’ll host the talent show tomorrow evening.” Zoey smiled and stood up,

“I better go and speak to Charley,” she smiled leaving the room,

“William!” Jade yelled, “I have a great idea, we could sing a song!” A reluctant William followed Jade out the room. The rest moved out leaving Jake and I as far apart as we could possibly be,

“Right.” He said, “Where do we start?”

The End

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