In my year in the army I had fought in a number of places but I had never seen the carnage that was in front of me. I admired the courage of the dead angels on the field. When Ellie brought back Alexander I was extremely impressed. I would be suspicious of anyone else but everything about Alexander seemed to exude goodness. I let Jade do the talking, I felt our group saw her as our leader which was fine with me.

Then out of no where appears Eoin. For him I was suspicious. It did not sit well with me for some random kid to show up and just join or group. I kept my mouth closed but studied him carefully. We had another little skirmish with the enemy army thankfully no one on our side was hurt. I also learned a value able piece of information. Our enemies were slow. They were extremely deadly but their sluggishness due to being dead or encumbered with armor slowed them down.

The house was great and I was extremely pleased to find a pair of army fatigue pants in my wardrobe. I put it on with a green muscle shirt. I also found something of interest in my closet. It was a sword. I longed for my Browing Hi-Power but the sword was beautiful. It wasn’t a particularly special sword but it was light, well balanced, and sharp. I swung it in an arc and it hummed as it split the air. I strapped it to my back with its sheath. It wasn’t my handgun but it would have to do. I walked out of my room and was about to go find the others when I heard grunts coming from a staircase below. I hurried down the stairs into the basement. There I saw Alexander, he was practicing. He sliced through imaginary foes, one with his great broad sword. His form was perfect as he spun around the room. He stopped when he saw me and realized my mouth was open. I quickly snapped it closed. 

Alexander had not even broken a sweat. Smiling at me he gestured I take a seat at the bench there and he sat next to me.

“Ben, I will be frank with you. The fight does not go well. Everyday more evil armies overrun our borders and a lot of angels have already died fighting them. We need your help, all of the Descendants help if we are to face this threat. But no one will force you to fight, just say the word and I will have you sent home.”

I nodded, “I’ll talk to the rest of the team immediately.” I promised.

As I jogged up the stairs I turned back to Alexander.

“You’ve got to teach me those moves!” I called.

Alexander just smiled. Upstairs I ran into Sparkle Eyes and asked her to assemble the team.

Most were already in the kitchen eating Ellie’s meal. I took a deep breath and bellowed for everyone’s attention. They quieted immediately. I took a deep breath and said,

“As we have all guessed we have once again been summoned for a purpose. Alexander and the force of light need our help to battle the demons. Obviously there is a huge risk involved and you do have a choice. If you choose not to fight no one will call you a coward, especially those of you whose powers aren’t practical in a combat situation. I personally have chosen to stay and fight. It would be an honor to fight beside all of you again. Whatever happens, we are a team and will look out for each other.”

I stopped talking and looked at all the determined faces around me and smiled. I knew not one of them would choose to go home because we were more then a team, we were family.   


The End

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