I made sure that I got the room opposite to Jade. In fact, I would have preferred to have stayed with her in her room, but we all had separate rooms. 

The room was nice. Wide and open, with a massive window on one side. It was just so refreshing. I smiled to myself. This was the first time I had relaxed since being here, and yet I didn't mind. I'd had all of the year to relax. It was good to stretch my paws. 

After searching round my room, I knocked on Jade's door. I didn't have to wait long as after two seconds she let me in with a smile.

"Your room's nice." I said, not bothering to look around; I only had eyes for her. She looked so beautiful. 

"I know." She said back, grinning. I leant closer, and brushed my lips over hers. 

"This is the first time we've been alone, since we got here." I said to her quietly. Gently, I combed my fingers through her soft pony tail. 

"I've missed you." She breathed down my ear. Suddenly she started laughing. I stood back, and looked at her.

"What are you laughing at?" I asked, confused.

"Apparently were getting the honeymoon suite." She told me, giggling.

I laughed. "If only." 

"We will do one day." She said with a smirk. "Come on, Ellie's cooking." She grabbed my hand, and lead me out of her room.

"How does it smell?"I asked. 

"Wait, you'll soon find out." 

Dinner was nice. After getting over the weird choice of ingredients, I tried it and then couldn't get enough. Ellie sure was a good cook. It was nice to catch up with everyone. 

We all forgot the fighting and danger we had just been in and we all just had a laugh. It was good to just be ordinary teenagers. 

After food, everyone went there separate ways but me and Jade stayed with Eoin. 


“So tell us about yourself,” I asked wrapping my arm around Jade.

“There isn’t much to tell, my mother is English, my father American. I’ve lived in both countries; they work for the embassies you see.” He said. It was strange having a new person, and having to go through all the 'get to know them' questions. 

“Awesome,”  Jade replied, throwing him a smile.

“Guys group meeting in the drawing room!” Ben shouted loudly, his voice echoing throughout the house.

“There’s a drawing room?” Eoin asked as we got up.

"Must be." Jade answered. She pointed to the door to our right. "Everyone's going in that direction so it must be through there."

We made our way through to find ourselves in a grand room. Everything was in gold and red, and it reminded me of a room fit for royalty. Ben was stood with Alexander near a fire place, with Eve sat on a chair next to him. Luke and William was here too, stood next to Lucinda and Ellie. Other than that, the rest were still making there way there.

"What's going on?" I asked. 



The End

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