We ate the weird concoction of spaghetti, burger and chicken – which actually tasted not bad. I found it strange even if you think you know someone so well, they still have secrets. Ellie had just admitted that she and her mum had been in a house fire, and her mother had died.

“I’m so sorry,” I said, “I know how you feel,” I opted, she smiled,

“How?” she asked,

“My parents and my younger sister died in a car crash, a year and a half ago,” I said gravely,

“It’s not a nice feeling is it?” she asked,

“I know what it’s like not to have a parent around,” William spoke up,

“We did, until my dad came back with that,” Marc said pointing at Charley; she stuck her tongue out at him and the mood lightened.

“So posh boy, what’s boarding school like?” Luke asked, Jake smiled and finished his mouthful,

“It’s not bad; the school workload is huge though,”

“Is it me, or has Jake’s already British accent got posher?” Ellie asked,

“I think it has!” William agreed,

“Thanks guys, it kinda happens when you’re hanging around millionaires,” he smiled,

“I like it,” I told him, he kissed my cheek,

“Well of course she’s going to say that,” Luke laughed, “I think it’s hilarious,”

“What about your accent Mr Americano,” Jake pointed out,

“What’s wrong with American accents?” Zoey asked,

“None of you have commented on my accent,” Eoin spoke up for the first time, we all turned to look at him. I hadn’t noticed before, he had a half-English, half-American accent.

“It’s cool,” Lucinda smiled, Eoin smiled,

“Look guys, I know I’m the new guy, I know I’m quiet and that you already know each other like siblings. I just want to say I’m all for this, I don’t want to be looked at as someone who doesn’t fit in.”

“We don’t look at you like that,” Charley smiled, “I’m new too,”

“I know, but you have connections. No one knows anything about me,” he pointed out,

“We know a little,” I said,

“Like what?”

“Like, you’re called Eoin…” I trailed off, we had seriously been so caught up with each other, we hadn’t even spoken to him. “I’m sorry,” I grimaced,

“It’s fine, just proving my point.” He grinned and ate another mouthful. Once all the plates had been cleared and the banter had stopped, we all headed to the lounge.

“Where’s Alexander?” Marc asked,

“He went into the basement,” Ellie told us,

“What are we supposed to do now?” Jake asked,

“What are we supposed to do now?” Luke mimicked Jake’s accent,

“Shut up,” Jake teased,

“Shut up,” Luke mimicked,

“Seriously, it’s so childish Luke,” I scolded, Luke smiled,

“Sorry Mummy,” he grinned. The group split up, some people went to explore the house, others went for a walk in the gardens, others went to find Alexander and Jake and I stayed with Eoin.

“So tell us about yourself,” Jake said as he wrapped his arm around me,

“There isn’t much to tell, my mother is English, my father American. I’ve lived in both countries; they work for the embassies you see.”

“Awesome,” I smiled.

“Guys group meeting in the drawing room!” came a loud voice,

“There’s a drawing room?” Eoin asked as we got up.

The End

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