"Mine!" Both me and Luke said as we ran up the stairs like little kid's and touching the first door that we came to.

"I was here first." I told him hand still on the door handle.

"No I was." He replied.

"I was."

"I was."



"Ugh for the love of all things quite, Luke be a gentlemen and let Ellie have the room. Look these a bedroom right next door to her." Jade and Jake were right behind us.

"Just like old times, Luke and Ellie fighting like a married couple." Jake commented.

"Look who's talking." Luke nodded his head to Jake and Jade who brushed.

"Yer well we better get going." Jade pulled on Jake hand and lead him down the hallway.

"I wonder if they've got the ‘honeymoon suite'." I joked to Luke who laughed as he went into his own room.

I took a quick shower and finally found some clothes. Like last year I had a walk in wardrobe, I found a pair of blue jeans, white t-shirt and a long red cardigan. As always I touched my swallow tattoo thinking of my mum, how this was the last thing she draw and how the swallow bird helped me to defeat Carnaxa. I ran my finger along the black outline, remembering how much my father freaked when he saw it on his 15 year old daughter.

Of course the next place I should visit would be the kitchen. It had all the normal mode con's that a kitchen should have, big and airy painted in light creamy colours. Running my hand over the work top I also remember what Jake did to the poor surfaces last year.

I went digging in the freezer and finding a pack of burgers. I pulled them out looking over on side to see dried spaghetti, I dung some more and grabbed the chicken fillets. I smiled as I started to work on my mum's mad idea.

The others started pilling in then taking sits on the big wooden table. Marc came in and gave me a wink seeing me cooking.

"You know what? I'm glad to be back," Marc announced to us all

 "Me too," everyone said together.

"And no matter what comes my way, whatever happens, I'm excited for it."

"Too true." William replied.

I started cutting the chicken fillets and the burgers then added them in the spaghetti mix. The kitchen smelt of meat and sauce I could hear the others asking what hell I was doing, adding burgers and chicken together.

"Want a hand Ellie?" Ben asked.

"Bottom draw has plates in, if you wouldn't mind doing that Ben." I told him busy tasting my mum's mad idea. Everybody else was waiting penitently for there dinner, a few worried and puzzled expressions on their faces.

"I hope you dudes are hungry." I said putting the big bowl on the table and taking a sit next to Luke.

No one moved I sighed then Lucinda asked. "Erm Ellie we love your cooking, but erm."

"What is it?" Luke blurted out Zoey shot him a look.

"Spaghetti, with chicken fillets and burgers all cut up and mixed with tomato sauce." Looking at all of them in turn.

"Chicken and burgers in a spaghetti mix?" Eve said.

I sighed repeating what my mum told me when I said the same thing. "Listen, cooking doesn't have to make sense. The world doesn't make sense. There no rules in life saying, you can't put chicken and burgers together in spaghetti mix."

"My, my." I swallowed getting my words in order and trying to keep my tears back. "My mum, told me that the...day that she..." I felt Luke hand take mine under the table, the others didn't know about my mum and I guess it was time that they knew.

 "There was a fire and we were both in the house, she. She didn't make it, they said that I was lucky to be alive and ever since then I didn't cry. Until that is I killed Carnaxa and that's when I cried because she was with me, my mum she helped me well I like to believe that she did."  

Everyone listened and when I finished I noticed then that a few silent tears fell from my eyes. "Anyway that's my story, so what's the plan?"





The End

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