Wow, there were other people like me, or at least, sort of. I was still unsure of what I could really do, but now that I saw that other people were... supernatural, I could accept it myself.

"So, what's your power?" One of the girls asked. Her hair was sort of like mine, but not quite. It looked like she was recovering from a pixie cut. Why girls cut their hair so short, I never understood, but then why guys grew their own hair out was probably a mystery too.

I thought back to what had happened at the museum before I answered the question.

"I can go through stuff I think..." I said, hoping that was what I really could do.

One of the guys standing there seemed to light up, did I have a cool power?

"Glad you appreciate it!" I exclaimed after he told me it was cool. I felt good about myself there, and why shouldn't I? I arrived at a great time, I could play hero. Haha, now there's a thought.

I scanned the group, one of the teens said there were 11 of them, 12 now I guess. Not everyone was there, but most were.

All of a sudden a battle took up. The guy who called my power 'cool' and his girlfriend took me out, while the others charged off. The guy, started blowing air at people, I was about to mention how cool THAT was, when the girl, Lucy as the guy had called her, split up. I was a bit confused for a minute, but I had no time. Zombies started attacking, and I guess I had to fight them.

I tried that, and it didn't go so great. I got two down but.. are they really dead? I started fighting the others around me, and finding it wasn't to hard. I focused on trying to make all of myself pass-through-able, and it worked for the most part; although I had to keep my hands and feet solid, otherwise I sunk into the ground, and the weapons that I had found on the ground would slip through my hands.

After a few minutes, a circle around the Lucys and I was totally clear of 'live' zombies, they were either ... well.... lying on the ground supposedly dead, or running away, afraid to die again.


We got back to the group, and I hardly paid attention to anything. I tried un-solidifing myself, and passing through rocks and stuff. It was way cool!


The others started following the angel, Alexander, to some special place on thte island that we were on. I was happy to get away form all the carnage, but a bit dissapointed to have to stop playing with my power.

Alexander started telling them something about Atlantis, but I didn't catch it all, the sight around me was so stunning.

Green, lush, beautiful, perfect were the words that came to mind. Whatever this was, I never wanted to leave. The smell around me was almost intoxicating. It wasn't like perfume girls wear, it was so natural and sweet that I could hardly let my breathe out after inhaling it.

The others starting racing towards the house, and after Alexander let them in through the barrier, he came back to talk to me.


"You're probably confused," he started in his melodic voice, "let me 'catch you up' on everything that's happened to these teens, and what needs to happen."

So he filled me on about their adventure in Atlantis, about the gems, powers and so on. I was shocked, but it all made sense somehow. He then explained the current situation, and that we needed to hold down the fort here while he went to help some others of 'the good side' fight.

Once we got in, I started up the stairs, and Alexander went towards the door that I suspected lead to the basement.

I climbed to the top floor, and entered the bedroom furthest from the stairs. Someone, I think his name was Luke, and a girl named Ellie had claimed the bedrooms closer to the stairs.

I entered and gasped audibly. It was like the room had been specially tailored for me!

I went around, touching everything and just became more and more impressed. The room was simple enough, walk in closet with anything I could EVER need in a lifetime, the bed was big enough for an army, and more comfortable than any bed made ever. The window faced a stream, with rocks dotted in it and trees beside it. I could hear it flowing into the lake just around the house. There were a few other things, but I smelled something absolutely delicious, so I went downstairs to smell and hopefully eat whatever it was.


The End

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