Everyone in the group had talent but Luke stood out in my mind. He certainly had the best power. This thought was supported when he got us out with the demon army a scant 20 yards away. William’s injury looked severe. infection and pus were already turning the wound ugly. Although there was no internet, an application on my phone told me where to find a plant that had natural anesthetic qualities. As I administered the plant to William I knew that it would only ease the pain. Eve went on a reconnaissance mission and I felt the familiar queasy feeling of worry grip my heart. If it were up to me she would not even be here.

William’s condition was not improving; he turned pale and was shaking. When Jake turned into a leech and sucked all the poison from Will my opinion of him sky rocketed. He was willing to turn into one of the most despicable creatures in nature to cure his friend. I did not blame him for puking his lungs out later on. When I had left a year ago to go after my father and Eve I entrusted the team’s safety to Jake. In retrospect this probably had caused a conflict between him and the other guys. But I would do it again because I know that despite his rivalry with Marc, Jake would take a bullet for him and for anyone else on the team.

My reverie was interrupted by Eve bursting in. Gasping for air she explained the demon horde was closing in on their position. I jumped to my feet and Jake, Marc, and I started to plan our course of action. I noted that Marc and Jake still had their little feud and that irritated me. There was no place for it in a time of crisis. We were deliberating on our course of action when we heard a scream for help outside. We bolted from the cave and saw ten yards below a hideously pale creature crouched over Charlotte. There was blood on its lips. A howl of rage tore from Marc’s throat but before he could attack Zoey pushed him down. I did not spare the time to consider whether that was wise or not.

The vampire was fast, almost as fast as Eve. I threw a scaled fist at its head but hit only air. Zoey lashed out with a fist of her own but the vampire caught it. He spun her close and bit her neck. The rest of us charged to her aid but the creature seemed to lose interest and careless tossed her away. We advanced cautiously now circling carefully. William was still weak and the his wind was easily dodged by the vampire. Jake had morphed into a panther which seemed to be one of his combat favorites. With a low growl he leaped at the creature. It ducked low and barely evaded the skewering claws. Zoey was back up and at my side. We attacked together, I went high and she went low. The vampire knocked my fist away but could not stop the crushing force of Zoey’s foot. With a loud crunch the vampire flew a yard away obviously wounded. After the short and pointless interrogation I felt no remorse when William decapitated it. I hate vampires.      

The End

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