As we met back in one big group, Alexander, the strange angel man smiled at us,

“We know most of what happened in Atlantis, and we’re going to try and accommodate you as best we can.” He smiled, “Follow me, be quick and be quiet, we don’t know who could be around.” We all followed Alex down from the steep terrain and clambered over a few rocks, I held onto Zoey’s hand when I could but she was strong enough to manage without me. Charley looked a bit lost at the back, so I waited for her.

“Mum’s going to kill us,” I said, she smiled,

“She’d just got off the phone with me before I came here, I can imagine our grounding lasting at least two years.”

“Can’t wait,” I said sarcastically, “And Charley?”

“Hmm?” she asked, trying to climb over a big rock. I jumped over it swiftly and landed next to her,

“Don’t go and get yourself hurt. I love you too much,” she grinned,

“Anything for you big bro,” I mussed her hair, she slapped my hand away and we walked side by side up a stony path. We crossed a bridge over a bubbling stream and started to head down on the other side of the hill. My eyes widened.

“We’re getting closer to Luxternia,” Alex noted, “As you can see, here there are waterfalls, wild flowers, mountains with snow of top and many trees.” I looked around in awe. If heaven looked like this, then I wanted to go. It was the best parts of every place I had been to, all mashed together. “You like that?” Alex asked suddenly appearing by my side, in a Luke-teleporting kinda way.

“The word beautiful doesn’t do it justice,” I smiled,

“Just wait until you see the beach,” Alex grinned, “oh and by the way, I prefer Alexander.” He disappeared off to talk to someone else. I was sure I hadn’t called him Alex out loud, I mashed my eyebrows together. Supernatural power, was all I could use to explain it. Zoey smiled at me, a smile to show she was totally happy,

“I love it here already,” she whispered to me, I smiled,

“I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it, if you weren’t here.” I replied, “I’d constantly be thinking, ‘oh I wish Zoey could see this.’” She grinned,

“I love you so much,” she kissed my cheek,

“Love you more,”

“Not possible,” I flung my arm over her shoulders. We walked down the path into a wood,

“Are we nearly there yet?” Jade asked,

“Patience child,” Alex… I mean Alexander said. Jake morphed into a horse and Jade blushed as she climbed on, I couldn’t help but smile at the collection of outfits we all fashioned. Jade in school uniform, others in pyjamas and other in normal attire, I looked at my school shorts and polo, I guessed I looked alright. There isn’t really a uniform for taking on evil creatures. Zoey nudged me and I stopped analysing my outfit, I looked up to see a house a few meters away, my mouth fell open.

“I hope it satisfies your needs,” Alexander smiled; he led us down the last part of the path and then just stopped. A few of us stopped next to him, but Luke and Ellie went on, they were eager to get good bedrooms. A few meters on, Luke met something solid and stopped in his tracks; Ellie walked into the invisible barrier and fell over. I laughed and then put on my serious face as Alexander turned,

“This barrier will keep out any evil,” he said, “you are totally safe when inside,” I smiled. I relished the thought of having somewhere completely safe, somewhere I could relax and not worry.  “To enter you must be with one of us, someone from the good side. That also applies to when you leave, the barrier’s circumference is a mile long, so you’ll have plenty of space.” Alexander stepped forward and pressed his hand against the invisible wall, “Come children.” He said, and we followed through. I didn’t notice until I was too far down the path to hear the hushed voices but Alexander had kept Eoin behind. My thoughts were left outside as soon as I entered the mansion, which was made from old stone, inside was beautiful medieval décor. I was first to reach the stairs but Eve overtook me and William blew me to one side,

“Sorry Marc, I want a view of the ocean,” he grinned running past. I managed to get to the top third and luckily the first door was the perfect room for me. I jumped onto the four poster bed like a child and looked out the old gothic shaped window; the mountain range grew in the distance and before that a lake which glistened in the sun. I opened a door into a wardrobe, which had a range of clothes from skinny jeans to a knight’s armour. I laughed, Atlantis was so random. Meeting back downstairs Ellie was already on the cooking, just like old times; I winked at her and took a seat next to Zoey.

“You know what? I’m glad to be back,” I said to everyone,

“Me too,” they agreed.

“And no matter what comes my way, whatever happens, I’m excited for it.”

“Too true.” William smiled.

The End

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