"What's your power?" Eve asked the new arrival.

"I can go through stuff I think..." Eoin replied. 

"Cool!" I exclaimed. That could really be useful...no one could hurt him! He was just about as invincible as Ben! He also had the advantage of stealth...he could just travel below the ground and no one could see him! 

Eoin smiled, "I'm glad you appreciate it!" 

I grinned back at him...he was cool, I could get to like him. Just then Charley screamed and pointed up. A huge flock of harpies were flying toward us at high speeds. They were hideous half-woman-half-bird/lizard creatures. I sent a strong gust of wind at them, breaking many of their wings, and sending the rest of them sprawling across the sky awkwardly. Jake Immediately morphed into a huge hawk and launched himself at the surviving harpies. Ellie was just as quick to snap her wings out and fly at the harpies. 

"Marc!" I called, "can you sense anyone else around?" 

Marc closed his eyes for a second, "Yes! There are several more brigades of zombies with their poison arrows around. They're coming from opposite directions! We are being specifically targeted!" 

Those of us that remained on the ground immediately sprang into action. Ben's scales appeared as he went in one of the directions Marc had indicated. I took Lucy and Eoin with me and headed in the other. The fight was on; we ran into the Zombies head on and surprised them so much that they didn't have time to fire any of their arrows before we were one them. I sent a wide, thin/sharp blast of air in a wide swathe, taking out a whole bunch of them. Lucy multiplied and headed into the fray. I looked at Eoin, "Use you're ability in any way you can think of to give you an advantage...and good luck!" I told him. He nodded and moved into the fray as well." 

Because Lucy's clones and Eoin were in the battle I couldn't take out more than one or two zombies at once. I sent spears of air at them and took them out one by one from afar. Soon all of them had been taken out and four Lucy's and Eoin returned. I smiled at them as we walked back to see how the other group had done. 

The End

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