Marc ran over to Charley, with Jade, Eve and myself close behind. I heard the others confronting the vampire but my whole attention was focused on Charley. In the end there wasn't much I could do, I glanced over towards the other's who were all standing around the Vampire. I looked away and glanced back at Charley, What was up with this? In the first few hours of being here nearly half my friends have been attacked. What next? It's like were in the middle of a battle.

Ellie suddenly shot off into the sky with Luke teleporting right after. My eyes widened as I saw who Ellie had flying next to her. It was a man with snow white wings... an angel. Just then Luke reappeared,

"Luke! What happened?" Ellie cried running over Luke and taking one of his hands.

"I'm not sure, but I think we've done what we do best," Luke said, "We've walked into the middle of some kind of war."

Great, just great. I thought to myself sourly.

I looked back over toward Will in time to see him high-five Jake, the vampire was gone. I didn't want to dwell on what had happened to him. Charley wasn't in too much danger, she was just very weak.

Luke waited for us all to stand together before saying, "I think you guys should see this,"

"What?" Jade said, but Luke just looked at her with a solemn look on his face. He transported Jade first. I glanced over towards the angel, we hadn't really reacted to him appearing, maybe it was because we felt... safer... with him here. Something about him radiated peace and power. I know it was cliché but angels just have that effect on you.

I moved over towards Will, he looked down at me, I didn't meet his eyes instead I looked at the ground in front of me,

"You ok?" I said quietly,

"Yea, I'm fine, you shouldn't worry so-" I looked at Will sharply, he paused,

"I'm fine Lucy, really." I snorted in disbelief and watched as Luke appeared in front of me, the next thing I knew I was standing on a plane of carnage. I covered my mouth and glanced down to see one of those Zombie lizards dead in front of me, I took a step back only to bump into Will. He gently placed his hand on my shoulder and steered me over to where the others were gathering. We joined them in time to hear the angel say,

"My name is Alexander,"

It turns out that we were on an island, go figure, and that we had, in fact, appeared in the middle of some... I guess... Holy war. It looked like the island was split in two, one half evil (belonging to demons) and the other half leading to heaven. And yet again we were here to save the Earth, it was our task to stop all of the Demons, Vampires and so on from getting to Earth. Should be interesting since we had enough trouble with just ONE vampire.

"Hello," We all turned round surprised, standing a little way away from us stood a boy with charcoal black hair, at least he wasn't a zombie.

"I'm Eoin."

We stood up and Luke said,

"Eoin?" I blinked in surprise and said,

"Another one?" How many more were going to join us? At the moment it seemed that we were finding more of our kind left, right and center.

"Looks like it," Charley said almost to herself. For a while no one said anything and the Eve said the thing that we were all wondering,

"What's your power?"

The End

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