I tried reaching my hand up to brush my dark black hair out of my eyes. Trying this simple thing was practically impossible at a museum. Everyone wanted to see the same thing. And today, just like on every June first, the Torlaq was on display.

The Torlaq was a one of a kind jewel. It was a purplish blue color, a color that was unknown to jewels before now. I had been found by some loony diver, who had been looking for Atlantis. He said it was from there, but no one believed him.

On every first of June, it was displayed here, at the Smithsonian. I saw it last year, and really wanted to touch it, but couldn't because of the people around me, and not to mention the bullet proof glass.

This year, I wanted it more, so I pushed and shoved to get to the front. I leaned in and touched the glass.

As soon as my hand touched the glass, it went through!! I gasped as I jerked back. This was different. Last week I melted a piece of metal in workshop, now I was going through stuff!

I glanced at my hand, wondering what I had done. I blinked my green eyes, many people had told me that they were gorgeous, especially girls. I was tall and well built on account of my gym attendance. All these things gave me many many compliments, with the girls especially. But I had no interest. So far they were all just superficial, if I ever were to have a relationship, I would have to really like the girl, and be open to the possibility of loving her in a guy/girl kinda way.

Whilst I was thinking about all this random info, people were shoving against me, yanking me out of my thoughts. I went back to the fact that my hand had sank through the glass.

I reached out to try it again. It worked again.

My hand latched onto the jewel, and many things happened after that.

People seemed to realize that a hand was in the glass, so they pushed and shoved even more to try and see how it was there. A siren also went off, causing pandemonium.

But the strangest of all was that I barely computed all the information, because I was being jerked, or pulled.

It started in my stomach and pulled me inward, like I was pulling myself into myself. I was about to let out a scream when everything went black.

I awoke to find myself, not in a straight jacket, but laying peacefully on a mountain full of lush green grass and a blue sky.

I blinked, wondering if I had cracked. When I opened my eyes again, I was still there. I stood and straightened out. I peered around, wondering if anyone else was there. I saw no one and heard nothing.

I started walking upwards, to get a view of where I was. Where could I be?

I stubbed my foot on a rock and looked down. The previously smooth grassy path had been taken over by hard, rocky one. I stepped up and carried on. I just needed to pay attention was all.

It became increasingly difficult to climb, when I heard it.


I scrambled up the rest of the way as quickly as I could.

When I got there, on angelic character was standing in the middle, talking to a group of teenagers.

They looked normal, their dress a bit odd and they were dirty. But other then they they were like someone you might see on the streets.

"Hi," I said smiling, happy to see people, "I'm Eoin".


The End

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