Luke was right, I had no idea where we were but we had joined some kind of war. I tried my best not to look frightened as Zoey, Ben, Will and Jake finished off the vampire. I hated watching Jake fight, I knew he was fast, strong and pretty invincible but I always worried. I watched as William shot a shaft of air against the vampire and his head flew off in another direction, Jake high-fived Will and the group came back to the rest of us. Charley wasn’t terribly ill, but weak, and right now with her condition and her lack of a power I saw her as more of a liability.

“I think you guys should see this,” Luke said,

“What?” I asked, for a first time in ages he didn’t grin at me, instead he looked solemn as he teleported me first across the breach. He disappeared again, bringing back more people but I wasn’t listening to what their reaction was. I couldn’t move my eyes from what stood in front of me, a sprawl of dead bodies lay across the open field which I had heard the army advancing upon. I noticed many of the lizards and zombies, which we had seen at first. But there were other things lying on the floor, some looked almost human, especially the half-glowing beautiful men.

“Angels,” Jake whispered in my ear, “wanna take a closer look?” he asked. I nodded and he brought me towards one, he had a peaceful face which was perfectly white and pure. His hair fell in blond ringlets around his serene face, his lips were full and a deep pink, he looked like a child in a man’s body. I felt something tickle my cheek and I wiped away a tear, I didn’t even know why I was crying. The next body we came to belonged to the dark side, it was obvious, the black clothes, the haunted eyes. I took a firmer hold of Jake’s hand; the demon face stared back at me giving me chills. I turned back to the group; there was a new addition,

“Hello young Jade and Jake,” said the man, he smiled warmly at us and then at everyone else, “My name is Alexander,” he almost radiated power as he spoke, he also had a beautiful but childlike face. His hair was a dark red and contrasted with his pale face, he wore a long white robe which would have looked silly on anyone else. It was hard to look at him in the eye, it was like staring into a light – possible but uncomfortable – and the moment I saw him, I knew I could trust him.

“Welcome,” I smiled. I felt like a total idiot for saying it, and mentally hit myself, he lived here, we were the intruders. Instead of laughing at me, he smiled kindly,

“Thank you,” he said sincerely. I took Jake’s hand and leant against him, “I am here for a reason,” he said to everyone, “let us first sit down,” we all plonked down on the grassy ground in a circle. “As you are well aware you have found yourselves in the middle of a war – an eternal battle if you like – between good and evil. I find this war tedious because we already have a victor, but still people fight, the good defend their victory, the evil are constantly envious of it and try and steal it, with violence. They do know the victory can never be stolen, but still they fight. I am Alexander, the commander of the angelic battalion. I live here, there and everywhere, and as the battalion leader, I find it my duty to prevent the evil side reaching Luxternia on the far side of the island.”

“We’re on an island?” Ben asked,

“The Isle of Justicia, meaning righteousness in Spanish I believe. Luxternia is the doorway to heaven, but we can only pass it when we have served our time here. It is a beautiful place, a remarkable sight, created by God so we can experience a taste of heaven even here. We must never let the evil side near it; they are based over there in Demondian. I’ve never been myself, I hear it is quite like the Sahara desert, nothing but sand.” He smiled again, “Back onto topic Alex,” he said to himself, “You’ll have been brought here because we spoke with Atlantis a while back, before it got hit by a Tsunami and stuff,” I smiled, “they promised to send you when the time was right, and it happens to be now. You see the number of evil creatures entering the clutches of the wholesome earth is growing. We, the good side, must defend Luxternia here, but we must also block off the entrance to the earth. Many evil creatures seek refuge there; they are the creatures who have accepted the battle is inevitably lost and are almost… how do you say it? Ah yes, refugees. You have been brought here to stop them…”

“Hello.” Said a voice, we all turned, standing in our presence was a boy. He had remarkably obvious green eyes which met with mine straight away; he was tall – as tall as Jake – and muscular. He had charcoal black hair and it fell messily over his eyes, I could tell he wasn’t supposed to be here. He looked like one of us, almost matching Charlotte’s appearance, he smiled again. “I’m Eoin.”


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The End

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