Geez, we'd only been here a few hours and all hell was breaking loose. Will had been hit by a poison arrow, Charley had been attacked  by a zombie, an army of demons and zombies were after us and Ellie was keeping secrets

And now, Charley had been attacked again. This time, by a vampire.

Going by how pale she was, the vampire had taken a lot of blood.

Zoey, Ben, Will and Jake were after the vampire but even the four of them were having difficulty with the thing. Ellie was stood, frozen, staring at at it while Lucinda, Jade, Eve and Marc were crowding around Charley.

Just then the vampire had bitten Zoey's neck, deep, and then threw her aside (Add to list of things gone wrong: Zoey's wound). I teleported to her side to make sure she was OK but she just jumped back up. Her and Ben both went at the bloodsucker. As much as I hated to admit it; I knew I wouldn't be of much help and headed over to Ellie, who was now with the others and all of them looked puzzled by something.

Ellie glanced over at the others and stood up. We all walked over to the vampire other than Marc who stayed with Charley. I stood next to Ellie and Zoey.

"Nice kick," I said quietly to Zoey, not removing my eyes from Ellie's face. She'd frozen and I wanted to know why.

"So you are the descendants of the Atlantis. That's interesting," It said with a laugh.

"How do you know about us?" Jake demanded. He'd been one of the few who hadn't flinched from the vampire.

"Details slip, much like the blood that's slipping down her neck," It shifted its hungry gaze to Zoey.

"Back away from her you bloodsucking monster!" Marc yelled but the vampire just smiled more broadly.

"Is that meant to offend me, human?" It asked. Is that meant to offend him? I thought dryly and the vampire's eyes momentarily flickered to me.

"You hurt my sister and my girlfriend," Marc snapped.

"Get your facts right, your sister offered me her blood and you could do with talking to her about vampires," It replied smoothly.

Suddenly, Jade turned to Ellie and me, mouthing, "Something's coming." Ellie's wings appeared and she flew off. I teleported in the direction Jade pointed out to me to get a closer look at the latest problem.

Soon, I found what Jade had heard and froze, hidden.

I'd read about how awful battlefields were in history but it's nothing compared to real life.

There weren't actually that many bodies but those that were there were enough. Some were the demons, zombies and vampires (no complaints there) while others were angels, actual centurians and other creatures that I couldn't identify.

Just then another zombie appeared with its deadly bow and arrow. Who would've thought I'd live to see the day when zombies attacked people with poisonous arrows?

I ducked just as it fired it. I swore at how close it had been and teleported away as it prepared to fire again.

I rejoined the others just as Ellie returned with an angel. He looked like the ones I'd just left. He had white wings and a kind face. His smile faded when he saw me. I had no idea what I looked like but I guess it wasn't pretty.

Ellie followed the angel's gaze and her eyes widened when she saw me. No one had noticed me yet. Jake, Ben and Zoey were still watching the vampire while the others were gaping at the angel.

"Luke!" Ellie cried, "What happened?" She came over and took one of my hands in hers. I looked at the angel briefly then turned back to her.

"I'm not sure, but I think we've done what we do best," I answered, "We've walked into the middle of some kind of war."

The End

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