"So is there a reason your still in your PJ's?" Luke asked sitting next to me in the cave.

"I woke up after having nig-dream. I had a dream and woke up, then randomly went looking for my box, you know the one?" He nodded. "Found this picture of us all together and my garnet stone. So I guess the rest is history."

He lifted my chin up looking into my deep brown eyes. "You're hiding something Ellie."

"N-No I I'm not Luke." I stuttered.

"You corrected yourself about your ‘dream', what's going on?"  

I was about to tell him that we're talk about it later when someone shouted ‘Help'.

Marc had his back to us so I couldn't see his face, but I could hear the worry in his voice. "Charley!" Everything kicked into action then. As we all rushed out I couldn't help but think that a couple of hours a go, I was sitting on my bed looking at the photo and now we were all together again fighting the ‘bad guy's-yet again!

When saw what was attacking Charley I stopped dead in my tracks, unable to move anymore. My nightmare was coming to life right before my eyes.

"Ellie!" Jade shouting my name made me focus on what was happening. Zoey, William, Ben, Jake and now Luke who was by Zoey side were tacking the vampire.  

The others were kneeing next to Charley, her eyes opened and closed.

"Lucinda rip the bottom of your shirt." I ordered then wrapping her bleeding wrist. "Everything going to me ok."

"R...Rorrr...rrryyy." Charley murmured sleepily. I looked at the others who had questionable looks too. "Roorr."

"Rory?" Eve said in a puzzled voice.

"Charley." Marc was holding his sister hand.

"Who's Rory Marc?" Jade asked before I could.

"What, who I don't know. Charley." Marc shrugged.

 I looked back at the others seeing that Zoey got a good kick at the vampire and curled up in a ball a few yards away from us. Slowly I got up a followed the others and stood around him; Marc stayed with his sister but was staring at the vampire.

Everyone was tenens and ready for action if the vampire attacked again. And then it spoke a cure evil voice that made the hair on my arms stand.

"So you are the descendants of the Atlantis. That's interesting." Then it laughed sending silvers around my body.

"How do you know about us?" Jake demanded looking straight at the vampire.

"Details slip, much like the blood that's slipping down her neck." The vampire looked hungry at Zoey.

"Back away from her you blood sucking monsters!" Marc shouted.

This only made the vampire smile more showing his blood stained teeth. "Is that meant to offend me, human?"

"You hurt my sister and my girlfriend." Marc replied.

"Get your facts right, your sister offered me her blood and you could do with talking to her about vampires." Again everyone had the confused or puzzled look on their faces. What was going on? Who was this Rory person?

Jade had snapped towards me and Luke and mouthed. "Something coming." My wings came to me and took off into the sky leaving the others with the vampire and went to see if I could see anything.

It felt good to fly again, like stanching my legs and walking around but better. The wind in my hair and moving fast in the air, I felt at home and I felt normal. Something hit my wings and re-bounced off them, looking down there was nothing but trees.

"What the freaking hell was that?" Flying more slowly something hit my wings again, this time I turned seeing that I was one of the arrows that hit William. "Huh looks like they can't affect my wings then, like when Carnaxa hit me with her lightening power." But now wasn't time to go down memory lane.

I had to get back to my friends and tell them about those demon/zombie dudes were still out here. (Where ever ‘here' was).

"Hey want a race?" An unfamiliar deep voice suddenly said. I gasped looking down at the ground but I couldn't see anything.

"God am I hearing things now?" I whispered to myself.

"No and I'm up here." The voice called again, I followed the voice's advice and looked up. "So do you want a race?" The angle asked smiling and looking in my eyes.

"You're a-

"Angel yes, name Alexander yours." He asked.

"Ellie O'Callaghan." I told him trying to catch my breath.

"Ah yes one of the descendants of the Atlantis, I should have guessed by the garnet stone that hangs round your beautiful neck. Now come on we better help your friends. Race ya." He informed me before his large white wings speeded off.

"Cheat." I murmur before speeding off after him.                

The End

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