I ran my hand over my face-my head hurt. What was going on? We had launched into a debate on what to do. What were we going to do? We didn't even know where we where. We were in a cave, with zombie enemies shooting poison arrows at us.

 Marc took my other hand, forcing me to glance to him. "You worry too much, Zoey," he murmured with a half grin, attempting to ease me.

 I looked around to all the faces of my friends briefly....."Wait, where's Charley?"

"What?" everyone searched the around them, alarmed.

"Help!" came a cry from the outside.

The color drained from Marc's face. "Charley!" he yelled, the first to turn and run from the mouth of the cave, the rest of us at his heels. Sunshine hit us as we left it, bursting onto the green grass and running. My heart leapt as I saw Charley's familiar form sprawled across the ground, another figure bent over her.

I couldn't help feeling queasy as we neared, and the man straightened. Blood framed his lips, blood was in his strange, mocking grin. And blood stained the grass, trickling from Charley's wrist. Vampire.

Instantly we went on the attack, Ben, Jake, William and I at the head. Marc pushed his way, vengence heavy on his mind. Worried, I stopped him in his tracks, pushing him slightly back. "No-help Charley, we will handle him," I warned him. Maybe I pushed him too hard, as he stumbled backwards and landed on the ground. I hesitated, apologetic.

"Zoey!" called William before I could offer to help Marc up. Without another pause, I turned and made my way to the fight. We outrageously outnumbered the vampire, yet there was something amazing mythical about him as he fought like twenty men rather then one. I charged into the fight, running at the man to punch him. He stopped my fist midway, almost gracefully grabbing it and pulling me into him, sinking his teeth into my neck.

I shrieked, shocked and somewhat in pain as my own hot blood dribbled down my neck. Easily he tossed me aside, Luke materalising at my side as I was crumpled on the ground. I avoided his assistance, grinding my teeth to stand and charge at him again. This time I was more prepared, and Ben came to my side so that we both could attack him.

The vampire was somewhat overwhelmed as we came at him, still baring his bloodied teeth. I kicked him in his gut, the force of my kick sending him flying a few yards away. He lay in a ball, hiding his head, as we all began to approach him. We all formed a circle around him, cautious and ready for a fight.

Slowly he stood, glancing over us with hungry eyes. I shivered as they lingered on me; he licked his teeth like he was re-tasting my blood, sniffing the air to smell my warm blood dampening my shirt.

He began to smirk at us, as if he knew something we didn't.

The End

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