He was so badly injured...

I felt ... a strange pang of guilt, as if I could help his situation but wasn't doing so. What I was really thinking about was Rory. Rory would have known what to do, and even if he hadn't, he could have stopped Will's pain. And, heaven forbid, if Will ... died, Rory could save his life. But I didn't think that Rory could resuscitate a corpse if he appeared a little later.

I tried to push these thoughts out of my head as I went to explore with Zoey and Marc. It wasn't difficult. I couldn't help but remember that this was my first adventure with the descendants of the Atlanteans! I should tell them about what I did while they were defeating the Black Ones at some point, but I had yet to find a way to phrase it without boasting.  

Another thing I couldn't get out of my head was the image of the zombie... Ugh, it was too horrific to describe. I was technically a pacifist but I was sure I would be able to kill one of those things if it came to it. I hoped I hadn't betrayed my secret when I'd said that the monster could not have been a vampire. But if those appeared too, I might have to explain what I knew. I laughed at the thought: Charley, Defender of the Vampires.

When Luke suddenly appeared to teleport me back to the others, I almost screamed. But he grinned at me and  put a finger to his lips in a gesture to be silent while Marc had his eyes closed. I grinned back and let him take me back to the camp where everyone looked worried, especially Eve.


I got bored while Ben was formulating his plan and wandered out of the cave. I wasn't going to go far; I just needed to get out of the slightly claustrophobic area created by all those rock walls and all the people. No one seemed to notice me leave the group.

I was surprised to find someone else outside. At first, I couldn't distinguish his figure, because he was lying on the floor in an oversized cloak, but I noticed his hair and was then able to make out lumps where his body was.

"Are you okay?" I asked anxiously.

The man looked up. He had black hair and sapphire-coloured eyes. "So ... thirsty," he rasped in a scary voice. I ignored the shivers that ran down my spine and jogged up to help him. I crouched down.

All of a sudden, familiar moonbeams appeared in the guy's hair, and the man's irises went a sort of creamy blue colour. In that moment, I realised what he was.

"A vampire?" I asked aloud.

The man looked puzzled at my reaction but, obviously sensing that I wasn't going to scream, nodded.

"D'you need some blood?"

The man looked even more confused but again nodded.

I crouched down and offered him my wrist. He looked at it warily, as if it might be a trap but then lunged for it, sinking his fangs into one of the blood vessels. I winced at the brief pain, but like Rory, this vampire had anaesthetic saliva.


Ten minutes later, something was wrong. Usually, Rory would have stopped by now, even when he was really thirsty. And I was starting to feel dizzy and nauseous.

"You've taken enough," I told the vampire.

The man raised an eyebrow and I saw a cruel smile in those eyes.

Oh no. He wanted to drain me.

"Help!" I screamed but then the vampire looked deep into my eyes and everything went black.

The End

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