“It was just pure evil!” Charley explained, Zoey began to play with my fingers and I smiled at Charley,

“Okay Miss exaggerator, you don’t have to keep telling us,” I said, Charley hit my arm,

“I’m excited okay? I haven’t been on an adventure yet!” she smiled,

“Don’t let any emotion overpower you, you need full concentration,” Zoey warned. We were just strolling around this haunted country trying to find civilisation, it hadn’t been my idea – my idea was just to sit in the cave – but Zoey had insisted. Personally, I didn’t want to go looking for a bunch of crazy creatures which grow from nightmares and horror films. However my opinion wasn’t valid, the mysterious people of Atlantis obviously wanted us to sort something out here, and that was what we were going to do. This time however, I was far more worried for the life of my friends than my own life.

“We need Jade, can you see anything ahead or is it yet another hill to climb?” I asked, Zoey peered out ahead,

“I’m inclined to say hill,” I groaned and stopped where I was,

“Why can’t Luke or Eve go looking? They’re faster,” I pointed out,

“They’re busy,” Zoey explained. “I wonder what they’re doing now, I hope they’re okay,” she mused.

“I’ll check,” I said closing my eyes, the map in my mind, which was partly made up of my power and what I had seen so far of this world, appeared. The way the tracking worked was strange, almost computerised. I could move in closer to each part of the map, and could somehow tell which circle belonged to which person, allowing me to see their current site and situation. In the cave were William, Lucy, Jake, Jade, Ben, Ellie and Luke.

“I can see everyone but Eve,” I said with my eyes closed, Zoey’s gripped tightened, she worried a lot.  “Oh hold on,” I called as Eve’s face moved quickly into the cave; she’d been on the mountain above the cave. Each person – apart from William and Lucy – began to move around. Luke and William suddenly disappeared and swiftly Luke reappeared and then he and Lucy disappeared. Ben, Jake, Eve and Ellie began to move out the cave while Jade waited alone.

“Something has happened,” I said opening my eyes back to the real world. I froze and looked around; Zoey and Charley were no where in sight. I was stood in the middle of a huge field, I would have seen if they were running away. I cursed and called out,

“Zoey, Charley!” my only deduction was that something had taken them, some creature which could move fast. Why hadn’t they taken me? And spared the lives of my sister and girlfriend? I felt tears prickling in my eyes; I wasn’t even manly enough to push them back. Something tapped my shoulder and I turned prepared to throw a kick or punch, Luke smiled at me and suddenly we were surrounded by everyone. I breathed a sigh of relief before the anger bubbled inside me,

“Zoey, you shouldn’t just disappear,” I scolded. But her face didn’t soften, and I noticed everyone else looked just as grave.

“William!” I hissed at Zoey, my heart rate picked up. We had already had a casualty?

“Yes?” he replied, I breathed another sigh of relief. My emotions were really taking a whiplash,

“Oh God you’re alright,” I smiled. “What’s happening?”

“Oh just an army of crazy creatures after us,” Jade said casually,

“Where?” I asked,

“You’re the tracker,” Jake said crossly. I re-opened my mind map and searched; nothing.

“I can’t pick up a species until I’ve met it,”

“Oh and how do you intend to meet one? Have an afternoon cup of tea and scones?” Ellie asked,

“I’m not British,” I reminded her,

“Giving them a French kiss?” she retorted,

“I think just seeing them,” I explained.

“Luke?” she beckoned. He touched my arm and a moment later we were stood face to face with a slowly approaching army, some of them were riding lizards. I began to laugh – possible out of terror or out of how stupid they looked – I had never seen a zombie riding lizard, and quite frankly it looked like something out of a horror movie for kids. I had barely taken in how big the army was before I was back with the group,

“Are we going to fight?” I asked,

“What choice do we have?” Jake said,

“I’ll keep tabs on them, let you know how close they are,”

“It’s the only thing you can do,” I heard someone mutter under their breath. I guessed even after everything, Jake and I still had our history of hate.

“We better get prepared,” Ben said. “Form a plan.”

“Here we go again…” Jade groaned.

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The End

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