I looked up at the sound of my name to see Jade standing nearby.

"Hi. That was a good idea of yours. If you hadn't, William might've..."

"Yeah." Neither of us wanted to say the word 'died', because it had so very nearly been true.

"Listen, I can hear something... like a roar, lots of people shouting at once," said Jade.

"I know what you mean. It's weird, I can't hear it, but I can tell it's there, without knowing," I said.

"Anyway, could you...?"

"Go see what it is?"


"Okay," I said. Then raising my voice so everyone could hear, I said, "I'm just going out, and will be no time at all."

I heard various people saying things like "Be careful," and a "Be back soon," that was almost certainly from Ben.

I grinned at them and ran out of the cave.

The land around the front of the cave was completely flat, at least as far as I could see. But what about the back?

I searched for a few seconds at superspeed for a way to get above the cave so I could look behind, and found a way that looked safe. I ran up, bouncing off a rock that fell away as I put my foot on it, which caused me to slide back several metres, but within a minute I was up.

And then I wished I'd never even thought of the idea.

The first thing I saw was the infamous zombies, an entire army of them, flanked by black clad demons on their giant grey-scaled lizards, the eyes of which both glowed a deep blood red.

Something semitransparent and half real flicker in and out of sight above: I quickly realized that it was not one thing but many things, ghosts I presumed.

I didn't stay to see more. I sprinted back down the slope and blurred to a stop in the cave doubled up with my hands on my knees, panting for breath.

I saw William move and then open his eyes and moan. Well, being shot and poisoned and then bitten by Jake as a leech can't have been a very pleasant experience, but we were all about to get an even worse one.

"Eve! Will's oka- what's wrong?"

I stood up straight, fingering my emerald on its fine silver chain around my neck.

"Army" breathe "of zombies" breathe "and demons" breath "and who knows what else" breathe "behind cave."

"We have to go," I finished.

(hope this is okay!)

The End

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