I was stood outside the cave with Ben, Luke and Ellie. 

"What are we going to do about Will?" I asked. He was in a bad way and despite the strange plant Ben had put on, it wasn't getting better. At least it had eased the pain for him. 

"I don't know. It would help if we knew what the poison was." Ben said. "It's lucky I found that plant in time." 

I looked inside the cave. Will was lay down asleep, with Lucinda sat near by. I noticed the silent tears that were crawling down her cheeks. Jade and Eve were on the other side discussing something. Jade looked up and noticed me and smiled. 

Mark, Charley and Zoey had chosen to go for a walk to see if we were near civilisation. I had wanted more people to go, just in case. But they had said they would be fine. At least Zoey was with them. 

"Why did you bring us here, Luke?" Ellie asked, bringing me back to the conversation. 

"I don't know. It was empty. There were no zombies or anything. And it seemed like a good shelter." He muttered. 

"Not as good as the house we got last time." I added. 

"Well it's the best I could find in short notice." Luke said to us. 

"Jake! You guys!" 

I spun round at Jade's voice. They were crowded round Will and when I moved closer, I saw that he was shaking.

"Please!" Lucinda cried. "Help him!" 

"Will? Can you hear me?" Ben was saying, knelt next to him. I didn't know what to do. This was so serious, so life threatening. How could we lose Will so suddenly when last year not even the Black Ones could kill him? We'd only just got here. 

"Jake." Jade muttered down my ear. She was crying now too. She pulled me to the side. "We need to get out the poison, and I've been thinking."

"Go on..." I said. 

"Well your not going to like this, but in hospitals, sometimes they use... leeches." She whispered. I knew what she was thinking. Could it work? I'd never turned into one before. I made my way over to William. 

"I've got an idea." There was a cough behind me. "Sorry, Jade has." 

I closed my eyes, and seconds later I felt myself changing. Getting smaller and smaller. Once the transformation was over, Jade picked me up and placed me onto Wills shoulder. I had this urge to latch onto him. 

I began to suck. All thought left my mind and all I concentrated on feasting on his blood. I forgot about the poison, about the reason. Hunger filled me and I just wanted to feed. I felt a tug on my body, but I ignored it. Faintly someone was calling my name. It got louder and louder.


It was Jade. Jade. I let go. 

I changed straight away and instantly threw up. I moved to the corner and just puked it all out. The vile taste in my mouth was disgusting. 

"Jake, are you okay?" Jade muttered, rubbing my back. 

"Did I do it?" I croaked.

"I don't know. I think so. He's stopped shaking, and the blackness has gone. We've just got to wait and see." She said, stroking my hair. 

"Eugh, that was horrible." I muttered, spitting the last of it out. 

The End

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