I was elated to see Eve again but my senses were alert. I had to protect everyone once again. I knew that they could protect themselves but I always felt the responsibility to protect my friends. My feeling of tension was worse when I heard Charley describe what she saw. The entry in Wikipedia on Zombies was not encouraging. We needed a course of action. Everyone was gathered around Charley, she was very traumatized but recovering fast. I looked around myself. Everyone seemed to be in form. They had reacted well in a time of crisis. William had acted fast with the air platform and Jade’s senses were as keen as ever. 

I walked over to her and asked, “Do you hear anything else?”

Jade began to shake her head then started like frightened doe. She held up a finger for silence and dropped to the ground. There she placed her ear the rock and concentrated. After several seconds she jumped to her feet and announced,

“Something is coming! I can hear the ground shake.”

Everyone suddenly became alert and at the bottom of the mountain was a huge cloud of dust. It was advancing fast. All of the sudden something flashed out off the cloud too late I realized it was an arrow. It was about to skewer William. Only his reflexes saved him and he threw up all wall of air. Unfortunately, the arrow was coming too fast and it punched threw his shield grazed his shoulder. William screamed in agony and collapsed on the ground. I realized the arrow was poisoned.

All this happened in a matter of seconds. I switched into soldier mode.

“Zoey, pick up William and start running up the mountain. Eve, Ellie, scout ahead and make sure we aren’t running into a trap! Luke, find a safe location on this world and start teleporting people to it. Everyone else get up that mountain!”

Everyone took off on their various duties, Jake and I brought up the rear. It all made sense now. The “zombie” Charley saw was a scout. Our enemy was intelligent they had singled out William with the arrow so he could not wind us out. I glanced behind me and wished I hadn’t. They were gaining on us. They look liked medieval soldiers except much more sinister with their black armor and dark red swords. Instead of horses they rode scaly grey lizards. It was clear they outnumbered us five to one.  One word stood out in my head as I ran: demons.


The End

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