As we were walking down the steep mountain top the air was filled with a bubble of excitement. People were catching up, couples were stealing kisses and everyone was oblivious to the cry in the far off distance. Everyone – but me. I took Jake’s hand and pulled his head to my level,

“I can hear something,” I whispered, Jake’s serious eyes searched into mine, another faint sound. “Did you hear that?” I asked everyone, Luke grinned,

“Probably not, we haven’t all got superhuman senses Jade,” I narrowed my eyes,

“It was a shriek of terror,” I informed everyone who were looking at me blankly,

“How far away?” Marc asked his face panic stricken for some reason,

“I don’t know, back up the mountain?” I guessed. Marc began to shake; Zoey took his arm and stroked him gently,

“What is it Marc?” she asked, his eyes were focused on the ground and then suddenly he looked up,

“Charley’s here,” he said. “I sensed her enter this world just a few moments ago, but she hasn’t moved, I wasn’t sure if it was her, but it all adds up. Was it a girl’s scream?” he asked,

“What are we waiting here for?” Luke asked scooping Marc up and disappearing without a second word. Ellie’s wings exploded from her and she headed up the mountain. I noticed Jake shrink in size and then an eagle took off from my side. William had made a platform,

“Get on, or get left behind,” he commanded. We all clambered onto the invisible stage and held onto each other, “It’s as if you don’t trust me,” William joked as we climbed up the mountain. If anyone had been watching us, they’d have thought they were on a film set, but I didn’t care how silly we looked. If Charley was in trouble – we should help. When we arrived everyone seemed pretty calm, apart from the fact Charley was curled up in Marc’s arms. I looked at Jake questioningly, he came over to me and put his arm around my shoulder, but instead of speaking to me he spoke to all the late comers.

“It seems we are not the only inhabitants of this world.” He said gravely,

“The Black…?” Lucinda began,

“No.” Jake said quickly, “Worse.” Charley pulled away from Marc’s arms,

“Such animals as nightmares are made on,” Charley cried, half-quoting Shakespeare.

“What happened?” Ben asked bluntly,

“It looked at me,”

“What did?”

“I don’t know what it was, it was pale, ugly, had blood smudges on its face, piercing eyes and mad hair,”

“A vampire?” Eve asked,

“No. It was definitely not a vampire.” Charley said so certainly we all looked at her questioningly,

“It sounds as if you’ve met a vampire, or read too many Twilight Books,” Lucinda smiled,

“A zombie,” asked Ben holding an iphone, “It is typically a reanimated corpse, or a human being who is being controlled by someone else by use of magic. Stories of zombies originated in the West African spiritual belief system of voodoo, which told of the people being controlled as laborers by a powerful wizard.” Ben read off wikipedia. I shivered,

“I do not like the sound of that,” I said, terror obvious in my voice,

“Where did it go?”

“He disappeared when he saw there were more than one of us,” Charley was gripping her hand around something, she released it and a turquoise fell into her other hand.

“I guess I’m one of you now,” Charley said after seeing me staring at the rock.

“Do you have a power?” I asked, Charley shook her head,

“I’m looking forward to finding that out.”

The End

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