I shook my mussed hair, trying to get it out of my face. I had a pixie cut awhile back and it had now grown out into the awkward stage of not quite short, but not medium length either. I grabbed a brush and headed down stairs, hoping that I wouldn't be late for school, being late the last day wouldn't be good.

"Hey the haystack!" Adam yelled as he exited the kitchen, "last day today!"

I gritted my teeth, brothers were so annoying. Buti decided that I could be above him so I said nothing in return, I just nodded.

I grabbed some burnt toast off the toaster and began to walk out the door when I saw it. A green light was coming from the bookshelf. I started walking towards in when the memories hit me. Memories of the best friends in the whole world, of saving two worlds in one go, and of Ben. I smiled as I remembered him. He was my 'boyfriend'. It felt weird calling him that because it was much deeper then just that. Boyfriends weren't always around, or they got interested in other girls and stuff. But Ben was always tehre for me, and always watned to be with me. Even though we lived in different countries, things were great between us.

I reached out to grab the emerald, and once I had it in my hands I tunred it over. All of a sudden a wind and tugging feeling kicked up. It felt natural, the wind at least, because I was really fast so I often had wind in my face. But the tugging was different, yet somehow familiar. Once I realized what it was, it stopped.

I glanced around, expecting not to see my house anymore, and I expected correctly. I was on a beautiful mountain, the sky was gorgeous and the grass was green. I turned and saw eight of the best people in the world behind me. Yet me face fell just the slightest because Ben wasn't witht them.

"Hey guys! Great day to teleport, eh?" I joked. They laughed and pointed behind me.

I whirled around, right into his arms.

"Hey there," Ben whispered, "miss me?" he joked

I kissed him in reply, causing him to chuckle softly.

"More than you know!" I said. A slight frown crossed his face, I wondered what I had said. I was about to open my mouth and ask what was wrong when he cut me off.

"I think I have pretty good idea." He said. I sighed, always keeping me on my toes that one.

We walked hand in hand over to the the others. They looked pretty much the same as they had when I first met them. In different clothes, looking totally out of place from their location. Luke looked the worst and I thre hima questioning glance. He just shrugged and turned back to Ellie, I'd have to investigate him.

"So, what now?" Ellie asked. We all grinned and looked around.

"Time to kick some butt," Jake joked.

And with that, we started walking down the mountian, when we heard it.


The End

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