Sunlight streamed through the thin curtains of my room, I moaned and buried my head into my pillow only to, moments later, have to come up so I could breath. I rubbed away the last traces of sleep from my eyes and blinked sleepily, glancing around.

I yawned and stretched, climbing out of bed and pulling on a blue top, black trousers and my rainbow scarf (still loved that thing). I grimaced as I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror, I looked for a brush and saw my topaz sitting on the chest of drawers. I ignored it and went to look in the bath room for a brush, after locating one and sorting out, the hay stack that was meant to be, my hair, I wandered into the kitchen and sat down at the table. I placed my head on the wooden surface and closed my eyes, I heard someone place a mug on the table and looked up to see another me standing by my chair with her own mug. We both laughed and took the cups in our hands, I'd gotten used to the idea of having more then one of me. It came in handy many a time and I sometimes did it without really thinking about it.

I heard Will's mum come inside and quickly caught the cup as the other me faded away, the one thing was that it sometimes gave William's mum a fright seeing two of me and since I was living off them I didn't want to cause them any trouble.

"Ow!" I hissed as the, still boiling hot, coffee slopped onto my hand.

"Lucy? What happened?" I heard Will's mum moved towards the kitchen and placed the mugs on the work top and stuck my hands in the sink. I put my best, 'Nothings wrong' face on and replied,

"Nothings wrong." I saw William's mum appear in the doorway and cross her arms.

"Mm Hmm?" She raised an eyebrow, How does she know I'm lying?! I sighed and took my hands out of the water, I dried them off flinching slightly from the small burn I had gotten, a small blister had formed and I grimaced as Will's mum took my hand. She shook her head and went over to a cupboard pulling out the first aid kit.
She motioned for me to sit down and took out some burn cream and a roll of gauze, she rubbed the cream on the burn and then loosely wrapped the gauze around my hand.

"Thanks..." I said quietly, Will's mum had excepted me without a second thought, treated me like I was one of them. In fact she was apparently happy that Will had found a girl friend, I felt my lip twitch.

My eyes were drawn to the table top and I gasped in surprise as I saw my topaz sitting on the wooden surface. Some of the sunlight was streaming through it casting a gentle golden glow on part of my hand.

"What the...?" I reached out and picked the topaz up. Suddenly I felt a great pull, much like when Luke teleported people and then I was falling. I hit the ground with a thump and heard various cries of pain and surprise. I realized I had multiplied without meaning to, I sat up and looked around to see my nearly all my friends around me, plus the three of us. 

I saw William run forward and then stop, glancing at all of us Lucinda's, his face was a mask of concentration. I burst out laughing. He carried on looking at us all and then noticed my hand,

"What happened?!" I touched the other two Lucinda's and we became one, I glanced at my hand and cradled it gently,

"Oh, I just burnt it on some coffee. Don't worry about it."

William came forward and took it carefully, he kissed it gently and then pulled me into a tight hug. I hugged him back, and glanced over his shoulder to see Luke smirking, I narrowed my eyes not forgetting the number of times that he had just appeared at moments much like this. His grin just got wider and I had to smile along with him.

The End

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