Summer. Freedom.

Well, sort of.

I glanced to my watch; my shift was almost finished. Despite the umbrella above my head, the heat still came upon me in great waves. Laughter and shrieks of children filled the air as they cannon-balled off the edge of the pool. Carefully scanning the pool, I briefly turned my eyes to the page of the book before me. At least I could get some reading done.

"Hey!" I caught sight of a kid doing a dive in the shallow. "No diving!"

He innocently nodded and turned away, returning to splash his neighbor. Only a few more minutes; I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand. I had already spent a few hours this morning working at my Aunt's cafe, and then teaching piano lessons. Had to make money somehow, I guessed, to keep up with gas for the car, insurance for the car, ect. Summer was a pretty good time to earn some good bucks, and maybe even a few extra.

I glanced at my phone; looked like Marc tried calling. I smiled to myself. It had been a year since it seemed my whole life was turned upside down, my life was in the balance as I fought for it with nine other teenagers as we discovered our strange, super-human powers. Hah. I didn't look like it, but I could lift a car with one hand tied behind my back. Super strength.

Greg came to relieve me from my shift, and I made my way to the locker rooms, washing the mixture of sweat and chorline from my hair in the showers. Changing from my swim suit to some clothes, I stood before the mirrors, combing out my dark, damp hair while some of my things were spilled across the counter.

My eye caught a glisten of purple, making me turn my eyes from my reflection to the amethyst jewel lying upon the surface with my other stuff. What was it doing there? It was supposed to be in my room, tucked safely in my jewelry box. It couldn't just get out and walk, could it....?

It appeared to then glow from the inside, shimmering in the half-light of the bathroom. Instinctively, I went to grab around its smooth surface.

My heart raced and my stomach lurched as the world swirled around me in a great mess of colors and gusts. I felt like I was teleporting with Luke....urgh, I was beginning to feel the same sickness of it.

Like a ragdoll, I was tossed on the ground, somewhat wet with dew or somehthing of the sorts. "Zoey!" I heard a few voices call. I pushed myself up, shaking out my still wet hair to see some of the nine teenagers, who over the past year, had become my best of friends, standing around me.

On a mountain top.

What now?

The End

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