I was in a foul mood. I was hungry and tired and hadn't had a shower. I wasn't looking at all my usual attractive self.

I'd been running for months now. I'd finally snapped and run away from home. I had nothing other than a small bag of clothes. I couldn't claim the money Dad had left me until I was 18, however I did have my savings from my part time job. I'd teleported my laptop and cell and dropped them into the sea. I didn't want people contacting me.

I was undecided about where to go. Not Ireland, although I missed Ellie. I'd visited her briefly before leaving again. But I couldn't go there permanently, that's what everyone expected me to do.

It was starting to rain and I sighed. Looked like I'd be staying in a hotel tonight. Upside: good food, comfortable bed and warmth, downside: people could describe me. A lone 17 year old boy was often suspicious.

I began rummaging through my bag for my money when the streetlight hit something blue. I reached and pulled out the blue topaz I'd found when the whole thing in Atlantis started. I didn't remember putting it in my bag. Maybe I'd picked it up and dropped it in on an impulse but surely I'd remember doing that. If anyone found the topaz people might suspect I'd stolen it. So how did it -

Suddenly, I felt a 'pull' that made me think, for one panicked moment, that I'd accidently teleported somewhere but while it was familiar it wasn't exactly how it felt when I teleported myself. It was familiar because I'd felt this when I'd been teleported to Atlantis.

When the sensation stopped I opened my eyes and managed to absorb mountains and grass before someone slammed into me. I caught them by reflex.

Then I absorbed the blonde hair and the familiar soothing aroma.

"Luke!" Ellie smiled and kissed me.

"Hello, Irish Pixie," I grinned, "Have you missed me?"

Ellie rolled her eyes then hit me and then again.

"Ow! What's that for?" I complained.

"For not calling me or emailing or contacting me at all after leaving suddenly!" Ellie glared at me. I heard laughter and glanced over to see who else was here. Jade, Jake, Ben and Will... The last one I'd been in contact with, of those four, was Jake. Before I ran away, I used to text him once every two weeks or so.

"Alright, Luke?" He called still laughing. He had his arm around Jade's shoulders and she had an arm around his waist. I rolled my eyes at Jake and nodded to Will who grinned back but he had a slightly worried look. I recognized it, he was thinking about Lucinda.

I waved at Ben, surprised at how much he'd changed. He nodded back and I gave him an inquisitive look. He shrugged and smiled. I turned back to my girlfriend who seemed to have calmed down.

"Are you going to keep hitting me or let me explain?" I asked Ellie with a half smile. She rolled her eyes again and took my hand. We walked over to the others.

"Only half of us are here then? And I thought I was always the late one," I grinned.

"You're not looking your best, Luke," Jake teased. I caught a glimmer and my eyes flashed down to the very expensive ring on Jade's hand. I raised an eyebrow at Jake and Jade.

"Thanks Jake," I said, replying to his comment. He frowned slightly. "I'm choosing to pass comment," I told him. He laughed.

"Probably wise," he smiled. Ellie nudged me and I glanced down at her.

"How's your sister?" she asked and my smile faded.

"Fine, last time I checked. I'll tell you about it later," I said and kissed her cheek. Then I straightened.

"Anyone want to bet who'll turn up next?" I asked.

The End

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