With a time honored roar I thrust up the bar. It was a ridiculous amount of weight at least for me, but being invincible I didn't have to worry about dropping it on my chest. I had turned 17 several months ago. I felt older, so much had happened in the last year. I smiled remembering that past year. It had certainly been the best in my life. I went from being a nerdy chess player to being an invincible warrior. I had a fantastic girlfriend. I reached for the locket on my chest; in it was a picture of Eve, my lady. She is such an amazing creature it stunned me every time that someone so gorgeous would actually be mine.

Then I thought of Kent. He was my mentor and my friend. He taught me everything I know about fighting and controlling my powers. He'd stuck with on both my missions that year; another day's story.

I missed all my friends though, I had friends at school but it wasn't the same. I hadn't fought by their sides. I looked in the mirror and flexed my muscles. I frowned I was certainly no Jake but for someone but I was getting better. I went to the fish tank in the middle of my personal gym, took a deep breath breath and plunged my face in.

Three minutes later I pulled up spluttering and gasping. Kent explained that water was my biggest weakness. Bullet couldn't hurt me but I could drown like everyone else. Kent isn't a fan of his soldiers dying. That's why I do my lung strengthening exercise everyday. My army training with him had seriously improved my confidence and knowledge of combat.

Suddenly something caught my eye. The fish tank was glowing. I soon realized it was my piece of granite I had hidden there. I picked it up and felt a tugging sensation. A blink later I was standing on a cliff looking at my best friends. A slow grin creased my face and I remembered a line from a computer game trailer.

Heck, it's about time.

The End

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