I was late for work which was unusual for me. I loved getting in the kitchen early, preparing everything that I would need and I like the quite just before the mad rush. But Luke came over last night, not that I regretted him coming over. The subway would take some time of my journey I thought as I made my way down the street. It was warm the sun was beating down on my back, barley any wind it was going to be a hot one today in the restaurant. I made it to the entry of the subway, gazing at the brightly coloured paintings that a youth group had done last year.

When I was halfway into the subway the wind picked up and it was growing darker outside. I stopped when a light near me went off; the others went off all at the same time. It was getting colder too, I couldn't understand it, and it was the summer what was going on? The brightly coloured paintings were changing colour and burling together. Mist now was blocking the two exists, but that didn't matter my legs couldn't move.

"Little Ellie..." A deadly voice called I gasped looking everywhere to see the voice. Then a dark figure came into view wearing all black, it came closer cackling like the witch that I knew she was. Carnaxa. But how could it be? I killed her! Didn't I?

"Carnaxa." I said through gritted teeth, not taking my brown eyes of her blood red ones that matched her hair. Wait blood red eyes, she didn't have red eyes, more dark green. She came closer so we were facing each other; her skin was pale soo pale.

"No Little Ellie."   She said in a voice that wasn't her own.

"I killed you! You can't be here, here standing talking. This is wrong!" I was confused she didn't even look right, in fact she was burry like the paintings. The paint had turned black and was running like water down the walls. If I just closed my eyes then all of this will just go away.

"Ellie open your eyes!" I obeyed knowing how I could never disobey him when shouted to me. "That's my pretty girl."

I gasped seeing his face, but that too had changed. White as a ghost, pure blood red hungry eyes and white sharp teeth.

I couldn't speak. I couldn't run. I couldn't breath.

"Don't you want to give you dad a hug?" Suddenly he had me pinned against the wall, his cold hard body pressed against me. "Ellie look how you've grown, your hair longer but your still small." Running a hand through my blond straight hair, smiling even more. Puzzlement crossed his eyes when he looked at my neck; his finger traced the sliver tin chain of my necklace that Luke got me for Christmas with the heart hanging off it.

"Pretty little thing." Moving his finger touching my neck.

 My heart was banging loudly in my chest; sweat was dripping down my back and my breathing coming out in small gasps. "Get...off meee." It was barely a whisper, but he heard me. "Shh Ellie, I'm going to make sure you don't ever abandon me again."  Then his mouth opened winder showing shape pointy teeth.


I woke up screaming. But that was nothing new. The nightmare came every night without fail. And every night I woke up screaming, without fail.

It was early morning the sun was just coming up. Bradley would still be asleep lucky for him I thought bitterly. Then regretted it, Bradley had moved in to the house watching over me while my, while he was still missing. I heard nothing from him every since I went to school that day and found the garnet stone that lead me into a whole new world.

Kicking the covers off I went to my mirror. My hair clung to my neck reaching for my brush I untangled it. It was longer passed my shoulders, my brown eyes looked tired with lack of sleep and not matter how many high heeled shoes I was still small. Standing there in my blue silk shorts and white vest I sighed.

Of course I hid away my feelings, everything was for show. I didn't tell anyone about how I hated the dark now a days and why I hated going to sleep. Not even about my nightmare that I kept having.

An idea suddenly came to my head. I went under my bed in search for the box. The box was like my memory box, everything that was important to me I kept in here.

"Ah got cha." I said to myself when my fingers found the wooden corner. I sat back on my bed and opened it. Letters from my best friend Megan who lived in New York, the love note from Oliver from years back when we first met. I smiled in memory that night was really where everything started for me. There was even a letter from my mother. Bradley had given me it a few months back but I hadn't wanted to open it. It was still unopened now.

Then photos lots and lots of photos. Most of them were pictures of the descends from the Lost Civilization of Atlantis. Or my best friends in simplest terms. Jade, Jake, Zoey, Marc, Lucinda, William, Eve, Ben and of course Luke. Luke who was my boyfriend, long distinct boyfriend. Who I haven't seen in some months. In fact I hadn't seen any of them in a while. God I missed them. Looking at the photo of us all in Australia for Jade birthday brought back the good times when we we're all together.

My fingers found something else that stopped me gazing at the picture. It was my garnet stone. It was still hard to believe that this was what started everything. It was the same colour as my wings. My wings. I sighed I hadn't used them in weeks. I wasn't aloud. Bradley was strict when it came to my garnet sliver swirls wings. He told me that I couldn't just open them up and go flying around the town. Or not at all. I understood, but I missed flying.

"I want to see them, it had being too long. I just need something anything, feel Luke's arms around me, kissing my neck telling me that everything going to be ok. I missed him calling me his Irish Pixie." I couldn't believe that I actually felt my eyes fill up. "I love you my American boy." I closed my eyes gripping the garnet stone in my hand and the photo in the other.

Suddenly everything went well. Weird but familiar at the same time. I could feel my hair whirl around me, then falling and landing hard.

"Why is it, Ellie always has to out do us. I mean come on, last time she was socked in her school uniform, this time she wearing her PJ's?" That voice sounded very familiar, but she couldn't be in my room, in Ireland. Jade? I uncurled myself looking straight at Jade and William.

 Still holding my stone and the picture of us all I stood up looking around. Mountains, green fields and trees. "Toto I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."  







The End

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