I woke up and looked at the clock. 10:30! Was it that late? Well, it was summer I guessed...I got up and walked sleepily down the hall to the kitchen dining room. Mom was at work already and Lucy was still asleep. I looked around and noticed that both my diamond and Lucy's sapphire were on the table. What were they doing there? I wondered. I reached over and grabbed my stone, only to have the ground evaporate from under me. I re-materialized in another world sadly my jewel must have been a little off as to exactly how high I needed to be because I appeared a couple feet above the ground. 

I landed with a thud, lay there for a moment, then rolled over to see Jade staring at me. "Hello you," she smiled as she helped me up, "long time, no see!"

"Where are we?" I asked as I looked around at the mountains. We were in a big grassy field, and there didn't appear to be any human habitation around. It was gorgeous though and it took a while for me to stop staring.

“I don’t know, but wherever we are, I feel a mission coming on.” Jade replied. 

I smiled, "Yeah, that's probably true...why else would we be taken here? I just hope Lucy wakes up soon and takes her stone." 


(Sorry it's so short, I just couldn't think of a better way for William to come, and I don't want to dictate the order in which the rest come in :P)

The End

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