Enter The Supernatural

What would you do if you suddenly found out the stories you thought were myths came alive?

Enter the Supernatural

Ten teenagers from all parts of the world have been brought together for a second time. This time Atlantis isn't their only problem, creatures from the heavens and hells have come together with one thing in mind. To fight.

Can the teenagers save the world from another attack?
What type of supernatural creatures stalk this new earth?
Can good defeat evil?
Are the children's powers great enough to take on the supernatural?

Eve [Speed]
Ben [Immortality]
Jade [Superhuman senses]
Jake [Animal Morphing]
William [Air and Water Manipulating]
Lucinda [Duplication]
Zoey [Strength]
Marc [Superhuman Tracking]
Ellie [Flight]
Luke [Teleportation]
Charlotte [Invisibility]

 GOOD : Ancient Gods, Angels, Centurions, Prohets

BAD : Demons, Ghosts, Vampires,  Zombies

The End

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