Enter the fool...Mature

One mission: Si a todo! (Or Yes to everything!) We follow the true story of...erm...me and how I survive the daunting mission.


Oh that's a good start. That single word can draw in more people to read this. Blimey, I'm good.

My name is Daniel J McLaughlin which is fair enough. It is evident through my birth certificate. Alright, the "J" isn't. I am called Daniel Jude McLaughlin but the "J" makes me appear windswept and interesting; perhaps, self-pretentious. I am waffling. Throughout this entire blogging process I will be prone to waffle so bear with me. So why on Earth did I choose to create this blog?

One man: Danny Wallace. I would go as far as calling him a genius. Last year, I was hanging around an airport as one does in their past time before they board a plane and noticed a sign drawing me in like a bee to nectar (or Nectar points at that). It proclaimed: "W H Smith". At this point a heavenly choir would sing Hallelujah. I swooped inside the shop (the marble was slippy) and rifled through its collection. I was immediately captured by the book "Awkward Situations for Men" by Danny Wallace and bought it without hesitation. Throughout my journey in a metal bird, I read that book and it was one of the first books to make me actually laugh out loud; this made my fellow passengers give me funny looks. From there on, I wanted to find more of the same and later found "Yes Man".

It was a hilarious book following the life of Danny Wallace who agreed to say "yes" to everything for an entire year. Somehow this made a positive effect on his life and was quite inspirational. I needed that but something needed to give in first...


I was sat in a modest bungalow which was situated in the land time forgot - Oswaldtwistle. It was just after Christmas and in my company was my dad and a lovely elderly lady called Rita. She is 86 years of age. The conversation was limited and ends up straying towards the subject of putting animals to sleep. She quietly said to herself, "I wouldn't mind that for humans; I would be the first in line."

The synapses sparked into life and the mighty engine in which they name the brain chugged away actively. One little comment only intended for one person to hear suddenly built up a momentum in me. I wanted to appreciate life and not end up hating it. Rita had lived an active life and was now frustrated at her frailty. I did not want to regret a single thing.

***Over the last couple of years I have been faced with challenges such as puberty, depression, examinations, death and the arrival of Justin Bieber in the music scene. I have become grumpy. This is confirmed by my blunt and fed-up friends. I have snapped, shouted and insulted others. AS Theatre Studies was getting on my nerves and I soon as it can be dropped and finished, the better. I wanted to become the same optimistic, positive person again as I was a few years prior. So I decided to start a mission.
Si a todo! (Or "Yes to everything!" if one does not speak Spanish).
Now some would call this plagiarism from the excellent Danny Wallace whilst others would call it inspiration. From now on, I would say yes to everything in an attempt to become positive and it will be chronicled on here.
Wish me luck. (whimpers slightly)
P.S. You can also find me on Twitter through @Mr_D_McLaughlin and can view films made by myself and a wonderful chap called Dann Allan on www.waip.tumblr.com . (I am the bespeckled one who looks like Joe Pasquale on a bad day)

The End

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