Guinevere: Princess of DarkMature

"Wake up...Guinevere...wake up..."

My eyes snapped open at the sound of the gentle whispers. For a moment I almost thought I was back in Hogwarts. Safe in Bart's arms, where no bad could ever touch me.

But no, I remained in the bedroom prison. With heavy breaths I sat up quickly and scanned to see if I was alone.

"Morning, sunshine," a low voice said, followed by a deep, cynical laugh. "I was beginning to think you werent ever waking up."

I flinched as he took a step towards me. Kade, my father had called the man. He must have been placed in charge of keeping watch on me. He stopped only when he'd come around to the side of the bed, leaning over my body and smiling down at me. My eyes strayed to his wrist, where an all too familiar mark lay. A snake twisted around a skull. The Dark Mark.

Kade laughed again, reaching out and wrapping his fingers gently around my throat. "You really are beautiful, arent you?" He murmured. "If I could have my way with you-"

He cut his words short at the sound of the doorknob, stepping back away from me just in time. I gasped a little as Voldemort strode in, bringing a wave of dark and power.

"Guinevere," he greeted. Only there was no hate or anger in his tone. Something else entirely. Something softer. "My daughter has finally come home to me."

I cannot deny that for as much as I so longed to hate Voldemort, there was a part of me inexplicably drawn to him. Perhaps it was merely because he was my father, and his same blood rushed through my veins. Or maybe there was simply something about sitting face to face with the most wicked man in all of history, who had killed and stolen and ruthlessly destroyed everything in his path. Evil, yes, but Voldemort had been brilliant in how he'd conducted it all.

"I want to go back," I told him, just barely managing to keep the composure in my voice. "I dont want to be here."

Voldemort cocked his head and gave me a long, hard stare. "But, my dear, this is your home. Everyone wants a home."

"I dont belong here," I insisted.

Voldemort let out a cruel, hollow laugh, and before I knew it he had turned away from me. Back towards the door. "Kade," he said on his way out. "See to it that my little...princess...feels welcome here. She wont be leaving for a long, long time."


With Voldemort gone, I was left alone with Kade. Mostly I stayed silent, scared to talk, to even move. He watched me all the time with those heartless gray eyes. As if he was scared that were he even to blink I might disappear from right in front of him.

We might have gone on like that for hours. I wasnt sure how long we sat there, unmoving. "Why did you join him?" I asked quietly, when I could no longer take the thickness of the atmosphere.

Kade looked away, toward the window, and then back almost immediately. "Because," he said at last. "Because there's no other choice."

"You could fight," I said. "We all could fight him, and we could win."

Kade shook his head. "You are young yet. You do not understand the immensity of his powers. How very great he has become."

I thought about asking him more of the questions rolling through my mind, but just then there came a tap at the window. I jumped, as did Kale, and the death eater was on his feet in seconds. I watched him open it, and a brown owl came tumbling in.

"What the..." Kade bent down to retrieve the letter. Roughly he tore the top off; I stared on in a frenzy as he took in the words. He might have read it three or four times before he looked up to me with a scowl.

"Well," he said, a twisted grin breaking out over his face. "It looks like your little boyfriend wants to play hero."

In my chest, my heart skipped a beat. Bart...

The End

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