Guinevere: Coping Methods and Another TwistMature

After everything, I was back in Hogwarts, in the Slytherin common room. As though I had never left. I thought that maybe, if I blinked enough, or wished enough, it might all just end up being a dream.

I felt the couch shift as Bart sat down beside me, placed a hand lightly on my knee. I didnt even want to think about what I looked like. It must have been days since I'd washed my hair, and I could feel the makeup smeared down my cheeks.

"So," Bart started, but there wasnt really anything much to say. What could be said? There was nothing we could do. Only sit and waste away, useless in a fight that had absolutely everything to do with us. Or me, at least. But Bart was so much a part of me now I couldnt imagine being without him. He was the only thing keeping me strong, helping me hold myself together.

I turned to face him, pulling my knees up beneath me on the couch. I forced a grin; it felt so out of place in the gloom of the dungeon. "You know what I need?" I said in a low and seductive voice. I leaned my body into his and started kissing at his neck, reveling in the way he moaned, the way his breath faltered. "A distraction."

Bart pulled away from me just long enough to show a smirk of his own. Then he was yanking me roughly into his arms,  and his lips found my own. For a while we only kissed, mouths working gently and softly against each other. Enjoying the innocence of it all in a world so violently tainted with shadows.

"Oh, God," I mumbled beneath his lips. My hands and ankles both were latched around his waist. Bart pushed himself up from the couch with me still wrapped around him, all the while kissing my lips and cheeks and neck.

He managed to make it into the boys' dorm, where he dropped me into his bed. Expertly he began to slide his hands over my body, staring me right in the eyes. I could only stare back, trembling as he pulled my pants down over my knees and ankles. Soon they lay in a discarded heap on the floor, and it was only a matter of time until all the rest of our clothes had joined them.

We took our time building up to it, kissing and touching, teasing and giggling between stolen breaths. When at last he entered me, I arched my back in pain, gasping a little. Bart lay on top of me, moving slowly and breathing deeply into my ear.

"I love you, Guinevere," he whispered throatily. My only response was the cry of ecstasy that crawled up from deep within me.

After he had finished, when I was so ravaged I couldnt even muster the energy to move, Bart rolled over and lay beside me. He nuzzled his head up against my shoulder; it seemed to fit so, so perfectly.

"Everything will be okay, you know," Bart said softly. He sounded so sincere, so strong when all I wanted to do was fall apart. And oh, I so longed to believe his words. But how could he know for sure what the future held? Who was to say that all this wouldnt come crashing down. The Dark Lord was back, and building up an army all over again. There would always be a darkness in the world.

"I hope so," I said eventually. It was the only honest statement that came to mind. And then I closed my eyes and I let sleep encompass me, and I wished and hoped with all I had left that for one night I might stay in his arms and have nothing go wrong. 


I didnt get my wish.

Of course, I didnt even realize it until long after I'd awoken. When my eyes fluttered open, the room was dark. I squinted through the shadows, but it was hopeless.

"Bart, wake up," I whisper-hissed, rolling over to the place where he'd been laying.

"Ello, miss."

I couldnt help it; I screamed at the sound of the unfamiliar voice, clutching the covers to my body. All at once the lights came on, causing me to hide my face behind my twisted and matted hair. When at last I could look around again, I frantically took in the room. I was perched in a massive bed on a raised platform, surrounded by deep violet walls. At the end of the bed was a man who looked to be about twenty or so, smiling viciously.

"Wh-where am I?' I asked, hating the way my voice shook. Gave away all my fears. "Who are you?" 

"The name's Kade," he said, holding out a hand as though I might actually crawl over and shake it. "But I believe I am much more interested in you, Guinevere."

I flinched at the way he said my name. "What have you done with..with.."

The man let out a hollow, heartless laugh. "I left the boy in bed where I found him," he stated. "I even had the decency of putting some clothes on you- though you looked much more appatizing before."

"ENOUGH!" There came a great roar from the doorway, one that caused both of us to jump. "Kade, that is no way to speak to my daughter."


My body gave way to a fit of shaking, and then I felt the softness of the bed under me. The last thing I recalled before the blackness set it was the man leaning over me in concern.

That man was Voldemort.

The End

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