Guinevere: A Deathly EncounterMature

Bart and I left my uncles house with speed, sprinting down the mile long drive. A twinge ran through my heart when I though that I hadnt even gotten to hug Lilith goodbye, and that it would be long before I was welcomed back.

When at last I stood outside the iron gate, I stopped, doubling over with my hands on my knees. I was gasping for air; Bart placed his hand on my back gently. "You okay?" He asked quietly.

I spun around to face him full on, fires blazing in my eyes. "No," I spat. The hurt on his face only barely registered. "No, Bart, I am far from it. In the past week I've found out that I'm the daughter of the most evil man in history. I've become a killer, gotten kicked out of the one place that feels like home, and still have no fucking idea what to do about anything."

He stared at me for a long while, blinking steadily and saying nothing. "Are you finished?" He asked me after a long while had passed. The sharp edge to his tone surprised me. Usually Bart was only gentle with me, only calm compassion.

"You know, Guin, you're really something," he went on. "I've stood by you, loved you and wiped your tears. I helped you hide Arianna's body, my ex lover, and said nothing. And yet you stand here and condescend me. You really are Voldemort's daughter, arent you?"

His words cut me straight through, leaving me a bloody mess there in the place where the grass met the pavement. Never had anything hurt me so deeply, had I felt such a real, raw pain. I thought I might be sick. Bart had always been so constant, the one person I was sure would never falter. But here he was, lashing out at me, much as I had done to him. In that way we were the same. It was our parent's blood shining through.

"Bart, I-"

Well, I never got to finish that sentence, because at that moment there came a flash of white light, and a loud grunt. Then someone was upon me, tackling me down to the ground. I screamed as we fell and hit the pavement. The attacker had a firm grip on my arms, his body holding me down.

"Guin!" I heard Bart's frantic shout, felt him trying to pull the body off of me. Everything was a blur, moving much too fast for me to take in. Bart shouted out a curse that sent the body flying off of me. I stood up quickly, my head exploding as the blood rushed.

The man staggered a bit, letting out a guttural growl that barely sounded human. "You cannot hide," he said, glaring right at me. I thought I could feel ice moving through my veins, my very skin being pulled from the bones... 

"He will find you, Guinevere," the man continued. He was closing the distance between us but I couldnt bring myself to move away. "Dont you want to meet your father?"


But the words wouldnt come. I could still feel Bart's presence at my side. I was reaching for him without even moving, drawing strength from him for I had none.

"You'd be a princess in his kingdom, you know. He would crown you and let you rule. Let you do anything you please." I watched as his eyes flickered to Bart. "He would not judge you."

"Stop," I said, just barely managing to choke it out. "I dont want to help him destroy the world." 

The man only shrugged. "Suit yourself," he muttered, and then lunged at me. I screamed as I tried to jump out of the way. But he never came in contact with me, for just before something sent him sprawling away from me. I whirled around to see who had rescued me. Found myself face to face with a pair of bright green eyes, hidden behind round glasses.

"Hi there," he said, a little breathlessly. His expression was grim. "I'm Harry. Harry Potter."

I felt my eyes go wide. Tried to speak, though of course there was nothing to say. I was standing before one of the most important men in all of history. The chosen one. The boy who saved the world.

"Thank you," Bart said suddenly, stepping to my side and sparing me the star struck embarrassment. "For helping us there."

Harry shrugged, but I thought I saw something gleam in his eyes. I glanced over at the unconscious body behind me, a shiver running up my spine. Who was to say what he might have done to me. "It's my job," he said, offering me a small smile.

Our eyes locked, and suddenly Harry let out a groan of pain, his hand flying to his forehead. To the scar. I bit down on my bottom lip. "Something's not right," he muttered."Come on; let me take you back to Hogwarts."

The End

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