Guinevere: Disaster, Part TwoMature

For a few days, things stayed pretty normal, which was saying something since I was now a murderer. I started going to classes again. Most of my professors didnt even ask where I'd been. Something about the new frost in my glare must have given them answer enough.

I was growing bored of my routine life. Sure, Bart was amazing, and every time he held me, touched me, kissed me it was as breathtaking as the first. But everything else had grown bland. This life of repetition held no luster for me. I needed adventure. I needed new faces, new names.

The school had mourned the disappearance of Arianna respectfully. I didnt have the heart to tell them that she was only below the mirror surface of the lake, or that I'd been the one who put her there. Well, me and Bart together. A tag team of cold blood, of heartlessness.

We were sitting in the common room one night, long after everyone else had gone to sleep. Bart had his arm draped over my shoulder, but neither of us were talking. There was nothing to be said.

Or maybe there was. "Let's leave." Two words. They left my lips more abruptly than I'd have thought they could. "I dont want to be here anymore."

Bart repositioned himself so that we were facing. "Oh, Guin...where could we go?"

"Anywhere." I scowled, but not at him. Just at life in general. Because I hated it. This was not what I had wanted it to be. I remembered in the years before, when I had been feared because I was the child of Death Eaters. Feared, but also loved. The world had always wondered which was better. 

Now I was feared by them, and only that. The one person who loved me was Bart. I wondered if he feared me, maybe, too. Or maybe not. How could someone so equal in darkness fear me?

"We could stay with Uncle Draco," I suggested. Bart looked away.

"They would never accept me," he mumbled.

"Yes they would," I assured him. "We are all connected through the Dark Lord."

Bart didnt reply, just pulled my face to his and kissed me. I lost myself in the moment. Forgot that I was finally living up to my purpose in life. Finally reaching for my potential.


Perhaps this would not be such a bad thing after all. I'd always wanted to make a name for myelf. Always believed me more important than the others around me. I'd always wanted my name to be remembered. And what better way than as the princess of darkness?

"Come on," I said, pulling away and smiling a little up at him. Bart was beaming, reminding me of the good things in life. "Besides, I think the Malfoys might be the only people who can give me answers."


Malfoy Manor was, as it had always been, a mansion surrounded by a sprawling lawn, protected by a wrought iron gate and dotted with clusters of peacocks. Appirating left Bart and I on the front lawn. I watched as he took it all in, felt his hand tighten around my own.

"It looks like a mausoleum," he noted. I nodded a little.

We started on up to the door, where I reached up to move the knocked, an elaborate thing done up in silver. Two snakes twisted together. In the mouth of one was a ruby, and in the other was an amethyst. Power and Nobility. The traits of the purebloods.

"Who's there?" Came a little voice, once the door had been opened a crack.

"Lilith," I whispered, bending over a little. "It's your cousin Guinevere."

All the sudden the door flung open, and the child flung herself at me. I lifted her off her feet and held her closely to my chest. Lilith wrapped her little arms around neck.

"Where's your daddy?" I asked her quietly. I saw the way she glanced over to Bart. 

"In his library." I set the little girl down and let her take my hand, and together we started off into the depths of the house.

The End

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