Guinevere: Disaster, Part OneMature

For a long time all I could think to do was saunter about, sticking to the darkness. I skipped meals. I skipped classes. I turned down sex and fell completely out of the gossip loop. None of it phased me in the least. How could it? I was the Dark Lord's daughter. The same killer blood ran through my veins. Like poison.

Bart stayed beside me the whole time, kissing my cheek and promising me that it would be alright. Our parents dont make us. That's what he would say. Because his mother had been one of them too. One of the Death Eaters. Only, he wasnt the fucking princess of the madness.

If Voldemort was really back, then someone needed to be warned. The ministry would need to protect itself. The Muggles would need guidance. The entire world might shatter, if he had his way.

And yet, I could barely bring myself to care about any of it. I guess it was safe to say I was too wrapped up in my own misery, my tight blanket of self pity.

After the Slytherin dorms became too boring, too repetitive for me, I finally decided to go out for a walk. I thought a little sunlight might do me well. Might nullify the darkness that had been bestowed upon my soul. With winter fast approaching, the air had cooled off and the leaves had all fallen from the trees. Something about it felt comforting, knowing that even if Voldemort was back, at least the world was still turning.

"I'll come with," Bart offered, handing me a black pea coat to wear over my shirt. It was Saturday, so my robes had been exchanged for a pair of black jeans and a simple gray shirt. My black hair was pulled into a side pony, and my face was free of makeup. As if I could be bothered with it all.

"No, it's alright," I told him, stuffing my arms into the sleeves. "I just want to be alone."

He nodded like he understood, coming over and enveloping me in his arms. His lips pressed lightly against my forehead, sending a few stray shivers running down my spine. "Take care," he murmured. "I love you, Guin."

I angled my head up to meet his lips. The kiss was slow and drawn out, and utterly perfect. "I love you too."


I found myself back on the beach, in the place where my uncle Draco had stood before me. I could still see him, and the sky, and the way the world shifted when he revealed the truth to me.

I wondered, then, who the Hart's had been. And why they'd taken me in, and what Voldemort had done in return for them. In the days of the Dark Lord, everything had been a deal, a contract written in blood. There must have been a reason they'd been entrusted with his only child, and not some other Death Eater family.

"Well, well, well. " An icy voice said from behind me, followed by a chorus of vicious laughs. I spun around to see none other than Arianna standing a few feet away, grinning maliciously. It was like something out of a horror movie. "What a coincidence, running into you here."

"Leave me alone, Arianna." My voice was lacking the usual venom. With my arms wrapped around me to shield me from the sudden breeze, I didnt imagine I looked very fierce at all. Shattered, more likely. Weak.

"Please," she scoffed. "I think it's about time we have a little chat."

"I'm not interested." I tried to turn away, but Arianna suddenly had her wand out, pointed directly towards me. I froze up for but a second before my own wand was out.

"You stole him from me!" she shrieked. "You're fucking your own bloody cousin!" Her hand was trembling, body shaking with anger. "How? How the fuck can you sleep at night?"

I stared at her for a long time, a wreck of anger and loathing. I pitied her almost as much as I pitied myself. "I dont want to fight," I said quietly. "Can we please just lower our wands, and we can.."

"NO!" Arianna cried. "No. It's time to learn that you cant have everything you want." I watched as she raised her wand. As the spell formed on her lips. I could tell what class she'd been paying attention it, for it was a dark curse she uttered below her breath. 

"Crucio," she hissed. I worked fast, blocking the spell at the last possible second. I shouted out the disarming spell, watching as her wand flew from her hand and landed on the sand, right near the place where the water crept up to kiss the grains.

Arianna made a dive for it, but I was hovering over her before it was even back in her hands. The edges of my vision were blurred with red. I was shaking with anger at the nerve of this feeble, insignificant...

" child...make me proud."

The voice echoed through my head, reverberated and filled me with such raw, real hate. I stared down at her with narrowed eyes.

"Please," Arianna begged, fear streaked across her face. "Dont hurt me, please..."

I let out a hollow laugh, so unfamiliar to my ears. "You will wish you had time enough to regret double crossing me."

And with those haunting words, I raised my own wand. Let me eyes fall shut and a smile snake its way across my lips. "Make me proud..."

"Avada Kedavra."

The End

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