Guinevere: Where Things Get MessyMature

So much for taking it slow.

A week had passed since my confession to Bart, where I had poured my heart out and told him the truth. Since then we'd become inseparable. We were a force of shadows that couldnt be matched, the king and queen of darkness. Where we went, whispers followed our footsteps.

And the sex...Bart touched me in ways I couldnt have ever imagined on my own. With his hands upon my body there was no world around us, no magic or predetermined expectations based on blood. There was only us, our bodies in harmony as we created a melody of screams and gasps for breath.

With Bart confined to a week of detention, there was a gap in my free time after classes. Most of the other Slytherin girls were avoiding me like some Muggle disease. Maybe because I'd been such a bitch to them all, but more likely because I, Guinevere Hart, was openly fucking my own cousin. Which should have seemed weird but only felt like the most natural thing in the world.

I decided to kill some time with a walk along the beach, just enough to gather my thoughts. The air was crisp and cool around me, a light breeze coming in off the lake. I took in the sky, the forest, everything around me. All the things that normal people overlooked. But to me they suddenly held such significance.


I jumped at the sound of my voice, looked all around to see where it had come from. But there were no other students in sight. No one, nothing, except...

There was a snake in my path, seeming to appear out of nowhere. It was small and green and slithering away down the shore. I stared after it with some distaste; I'd never much liked the things. Still, its appearance did seem unlikely. And then the strangest thing happened. The snake stopped, lifted its head, and looked right at me. I swear I felt his gaze right down to my core.

So I did all I could, and that was follow him. He led me around the edge of the water, sometimes darting in under his waves. When at last I could no longer see him, and much of my view of the castle was hidden by trees, I stopped, panting for breath.



I spun around and let out a shriek. Standing before me was my uncle of sorts, Draco Malfoy. He'd taken me once my parents had been condemned, and he'd become somewhat of a father to me, even if he was as distant and cold as the arctic.

"What are you doing here?" I skipped right to the point. Now hardly seemed like the time for proper greetings.

"I've been trying to reach you for some time," Draco said slowly. "Apparently this school still has its corruptions. When it became clear my letters werent reaching you by owl, I took matters into my own hands."

I couldnt believe that he was really standing there. Part of me longed to go to him to hug him and feel the protective of his arms. But Draco was standing regally with his white blonde hair slicked back, looking grave as ever. He always appeared to be preparing for the end of the world, or the death of all he loved. I guess, really, those were the same.

He continued on. "Something great and terrible has happened," he said in a low, serious tone.

"What do you mean?" It was all I could think to say. This whole scene felt much too surreal for me.

Draco looked away, out towards the mirror of the lake. I wondered what creatures hid beneath its murky depths. "There is no simple way to say this," he muttered. Whatever this was, it had to be bad. Nothing could strike fear into my uncle's eyes like that. But it was there. I could see it.

"The Dark Lord has returned."

I felt all the breath leave my lungs at once. But That was impossible. There was no way. This was all some big misunderstanding, or a joke. Only who would joke about that? No one. I hated how my thoughts were racing, how I couldnt seem to remember to inhale.

"But, that'"I was utterly speechless.

Draco shook his head. "I do not know how," he told me. "But I can tell you why. I was close with him in the time of his reign, as close as a young boy could dream to be. And I knew his secrets well. He left something here, something of great importance to him. He swore that he would do all he could to be there and keep it safe."

My heart was thudding and still no oxygen moved into my lungs. "What was that?" I managed to ask.

Draco let out a hiss of a sigh. "His daughter, Guinevere. You."

The End

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