Guinevere: Stolen EncountersMature

Bart didnt speak to me for days, and it was obvious that Tristan was avoiding me too. I watched the trio come and go from the Slytherin common room, where I remained surrounded by beautiful, poisonous girls in black robes.

"Stop pouting, Guin," said one four year to me, a stick of a girl with wild black hair and a dark smile. "So one guy doesnt want to fuck you. All the rest do." 

I could only bring myself to narrow my eyes at her. This wasnt about just that, about the fact that Bart could stare right through me like I wasnt even there. He was my cousin, after all. This wasnt even about power. This was something more, something deeper. A longing like I'd never known before, curled up within me.

"Let' do something," a fifth year named Coral suggested. "Let's go watch the quidditch practice and hit on some seventh years."

"I dont want to do anything," I snapped impatiently. "Why dont you all stop hovering about me and get your own bloody lives."

I could feel the way they recoiled from me, hurt by my words. But I didnt care in the least. These werent my friends. These were only strangers who wished to bathe in the glory of Guinevere Hart, maybe to understand her dark secrets a little.

It didnt take long for the room to empty, and even less time for word to circulate campus about what a fucked up bitch I was. And all the while I stayed in my chair and sulked. Stared out the window at the sprawling greens below.

When the door opened, I was sure it would be my cousin and his friends. But it was only Tristan who entered, looking exhausted from whatever he'd been doing. I saw him register that I was there, and then he was trying to hurry around me to his dorm.

I stood up and stepped into his path. "What the hell is your problem?" I scowled. I was in no mood for pleasantries. "You've been avoiding me like I have the plague. Look, whatever my cousin said to you.."

"You're a disease, Guinevere," he spat, cutting me off. "You've gotten yourself into my head already, twisting around like some venomous cobra. I cant sleep..." he tore his gaze from me, dropped it to the floor. "I dont want to be near you."

"That's a lie," I retorted, but there was no conviction in the words. I didnt know why I felt I had to drag him into the game. Why I thought that I could steal him away from Bart, hurt my cousin like his lack of interest hurt me so. "You want me. You imagine me in your bed at night..."

By now I had moved closer, pressed my body against him. Tristan gave me a gentle shove away. "Please,"  he muttered. "Leave me alone."

"I'm afraid I cant do that now," I told him, dancing away from him. His eyes followed me across the room.I beckoned for him to follow me, up into the girl's dorms. He did so, and so I closed the door and laid myself down upon my bed. With all the other girls out, we were perfectly alone. concealed in the dark of the drawn shades.

"Come here," I whispered, hopefully loud enough for him to hear me. "Let me taste you." Tristan came over and placed his body on top of mine. We kissed a little, and then his hand found its way up my skirt, fingers moving against me. It wasnt long until my eyes were closed, head tipped back in ecstasy. Tristan pushed himself deep into me, deeper...

All at once, a sound exploded in my head. It was like a gun being shot off. Or a cannon. I screamed out in pain, but Tristan mistook it for pleasure. I shook against him, both from his touch and the excrutiating pain in my head. "Guinevere...I'm coming for you..."

Tristan let out a groan as he finished within me, his chest collapsing against mine. We lay there together, only in my head I was a million miles away. Wondering if I was going insane, or if something tremendous was about to happen.

The End

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