Guinevere: The SnakeMature

Envy was a hideous emotion. It seeped into my veins, brought my blood to a boil and set me on edge. Seeing Arianna with her skinny little body pressed against Bart had sparked some sort of war zone within me.

But why? Bart was my cousin, and almost a stranger at that. We were connected, yes, by a sort of darkness that moved through us both. But if he wanted to go traipsing around with the class whore, there was no reason for me to be upset.

Still, that didnt stop me from sauntering into the common room long after everyone else had fallen asleep. The night was perfectly still outside, a blanket of stars reflected in the mirror surface of the lake. I collapsed upon the black leather couch and sat there, wondering if Bart was still off in some dark corner with Arianna, if she was arching her back into him and letting him into her. This should not have been eating me up so.

When the door the boys' dorm opened with a click, it scared me half to death. I jumped and looking back over my shoulders to see Tristan coming down the short staircase. "Guinevere?" He asked sleepily when he saw me sitting there.

I nodded, then said yes just in case he hadnt seen. He was dressed in his pajamas, a pair of slim fit black pants and a emerald green silk robe. His family crest was embroidered across the chest. I could feel his eyes upon me, my body skimpily clad in deep purple boxer shorts and a tight black tank top. 

"What're you doing up?" Tristan came around and hovered at the edge of the couch. I offered a small smile and patted the seat beside me.

"I dont bite, you know," I told him as he sat down.

Tristan eyed me suspiciously. "That's not what I've been told," he teased. "I've heard you're quite the snake."

Some demon took over me then, and I believe it was that same demon envy again. She locked herself into my body, my mind, and from then on I was driven only by her vivid green fuel. I leaned my body into his, close enough that my chest pressed against his own. "Well, if I am the snake, then you must be the charmer," I said in a low and sultry tone. I watched as Tristan squirmed, swallowed hard.

"Guinevere, I-"

"Shhh," I cut him off with a soothing whisper, letting my hands slid over his chest, down his sides, across his lap... I slipped off the couch and onto the floor, kneeling before him. "Stay with me. I'm so very alone."

Tristan could only bring himself to nod. I kept my gaze locked with his as my hands parted his robe to reveal his bare, smooth chest. Pale skin stretched over solid muscles, shielding the heart that beat so violently within.

"You dont have to," he mumbled, words without conviction.

"I want to," I replied, even though I didnt really think I did. I think the jealously monster inside of me did. I tugged at the waistline of his pants until he was out before me.

Tristan did his best to suppress his moans, but still I could feel the way they shook his body. I let out a few soft moans of my own as I moved against him. I was just starting to get into when the the picture frame door to the common room opened, and in came Bart and Arianna, giggling and holding hands.

"That was really fun," she was saying, but then I noticed the way that her words trailed off. Tristan pushed me away, a bit too roughly, sending me sprawling onto the floor.

"What the hell?" That was Bart, giving me a look I couldnt quite decipher. Anger, maybe, overprotectiveness. And some amusement. But there was something else, too...

"We were just, uh, going to bed," Tristan stammered.

Arianna raised her thin brows at him. "Yes, I think we gathered as much," she retorted. I saw the way her eyes flared with hatred when her gaze ran over me. I returned a glare with ten times the venom.

"Right," I said, rising gracefully to my feet. "I'll be off to sleep now." Lies. There would be no sleep for me. I had an an awful taste in my mouth and a sinking in the pit of my stomach. I tried to catch Bart's eyes, but he was looking anyway but at me.

"Night," he mumbled. I walked away without a reply.There was nothing to say that would salvage any of my diminishing dignity.

The End

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