Guinevere: WhispersMature

It was easy to fall back into the routine of things, the general blur of life at Hogwarts. I woke, I dressed, I went to my classes and dealt with the pains of being so loved. Everyone wanted to walk with me or talk with me, to sit beside me in lessons. Everyone wanted to feel my presence at their side.

I was in Defense Against the Dark arts when it started.

Professor Allivant was rambling on about something, oblivious to the fact that, really, no one was listening. Students across the room were doodling and passing notes and otherwise distracting themselves from the dull lecture.


The whispered sound of my name set me on edge, caused me to jump a little. I looked around at those who surrounded me, but none were looking my way. Stay calm, I told myself, working to keep my breathing from getting too heavy.

Minutes passed, though they felt like an eternity, Outside the sky was as brillaint shade of blue. I so longed to be there, to walk beside the lake and feel the sun on my pale face. One grew tired of the darkness, after a while.


It came again. This was too much. I was trembling, clutching to the edge of the table to keep myself in my chair. Oh, I hoped no one noticed. I couldnt handle the gossip, not now. It was bad enough the way they all talked about my parents like they had any idea.


"What?!" I shrieked before I realized what I was doing. All eyes fell onto me; standing beside me was Bart LeStrange. The new kid. My cousin.

He adverted his gaze down to his shoes. "I, uh, the headmaster wanted to see you," he mumbled. I didnt even looked to the professor for permission, just shoved my books into my bags and hurried out the door after him.

"Are you okay?" he asked, when we were well away from the classroom. The halls were deserted, save the people wandering in the pictures. Not even the ghosts were in sight.

"I'm fine," I snapped. "I'm just...I'm fine."

Bart nodded like he knew, when really he had no fucking idea. "You know," he said quietly, "I know what it's like to have everyone judge you based on your parents. My mom killed people. She tortured them and killed them and who knows what else. And so did yours. But that doesnt mean that's who we are."

I thought of the voices whispering to me, of the way everyone congregated around me like I had some unknown powers within me. "What if it does?" I asked him softly, hating how broken I sounded.

Bart looked away from me. Said nothing. The silence was more of an answer than any words ever would have been.

The End

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