Fyre and the Magical Butterfly of Magicalness

I asked a friend for a title to write a story to, and this is what he gave me. Well, after he suggested something about donkeys and oranges.  Anyway, I wrote a story to this title.  Good luck reading with a straight face!

One day Fyre was working in her garden of pretty flowers when along came a butterfly.  It was not just any butterfly, though.  It was a magical butterfly.  Of magicalness.  So Fyre stopped trying to make her pretty flowers prettier and followed the aforementioned magical butterfly of magicalness.  Now, being a butterfly, and being magical, this magical butterfly of magicalness could fly.  Fyre, being a fairly normal human being, unfortunately could not fly.  So she skipped as the magical butterfly of magicalness flew over to a pretty flower.  The magical butterfly of magicalness landed on aforementioned pretty flower and sat on this pretty flower.  It was no longer flying and going somewhere so Fyre stopped skipping and stood watching it instead.  Suddenly, a lightbulb lit up over Fyre's head because she had an idea.  Wondering vaguely where th eaforementioned lightbulb had come from, Fyre, who was a chef, took her hairnet off of her hair and with it, captured the magical butterfly of magicalness as it sat on Fyre's pretty flower.  But as soon as Fyre captured the aforementioned magical butterfly of magicalness, the magical butterfly of magicalness, because it was magical, transported both Fyre and itself to fairyland, where they lived, flew, and skipped happily ever after.

The End

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