English Class Works

I figured I'd put some stuff I had to write for English class up here. Works are most likely unrelated.

This was a write-whatever-you-feel-like assignment and had a very limited time-frame, so I kind of had to rush to finish it up quick.

He ran through the woods as fast as his injured leg would allow, dodging roots and branches as he went.  This was bad.  Between the bad leg and the unfamiliar forest, there was no way the Hunter would not catch up to him.  He looked around wildly and then suddenly he saw it.  Off to his left a little ways was a small rocky area.  He could hide there for a moment to rest and, with luck, the Hunter would pass by and he could double back to find another way out of the woods.

Slowing his pace a little, he limped around the rocks and sat down to rest, completely hidden from the barely-there path he had been following.  Sitting there, trying to quietly catch his breath, he heard the soft, quick footsteps of the Hunter on the other side of the rocks.  The man held his breath and prayed it wasn't obvious he had left the straight trail.  He heard the Hunter pause for a moment and then quietly continue on.  Slowly, silently, he raised himself up so he could see the faint track he and the Hunter had been on and watched as the Hunter disappeared into the trees.  Then, ever so quietly, he stood up and started back the way he had come.  He hadn't gone twenty paces before a shot rang out in front of him and the ground suddenly came up to meet his face.  In front of him?  How was that possible?  The Hunter was behind him.  A figure emerged from the dense trees in front of him and, as if reading his mind, leaned down and said, "There are two Hunters."  Two! the man mouthed in surprise, and then he was gone.

The End

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