Grave: ShootingMature

Grave wondered his ship, checking up on each department, as was his duty in the mornings as captain. Tiring, since he had just woken and dressed, but it was always reassuring to see his men working dutifully at their designated jobs. Of course, some were caught slacking off, but it was such a small number that is was nearly inconsequential. 

After he had made the two hour round, Grave found himself at the shooting range. It was on his way back to his office and he had an hour left until he needed to go over the plans of attack on Vega's ship with Valasia. No doubt she would have know how best to do it, given her experience. That, and the fact she was the only other one who knew the real treasure they were going for. 

Grave entered the range, a large room with ammunition on the back wall and stalls that pointed towards distant targets. Without putting any ear plugs in, Grave walked into one of the empty booths, pressed a button to summon a target back as far as it could go, and pulled his pistol. The weapon was longer than most - about as long as his forearm - and housed an eight shot barrel instead of the regular six. A simple and very effective weapon.

Eight shots rang out in quick succession. 

The target was pulled forward on a pulley and Grave frowned. Each bullet was where he had planned: two in the heart, two in the head, and one in each elbow and knee. But, the shot he had placed in the left knee was slightly to the right of where he had aimed. Getting rusty, Grave. 

"Impressive as always."

Grave didn't even turn to acknowledge Valasia. "Not impressive enough, I'm afraid."

"Why aim for the knees?" she asked, walking into the booth beside him and pulling her own pistol - an ornate one with only three barrels. Not as useful, but it wasn't meant to be. "You still trying to avoid killing?"

"Only when it is more profitable, my dear," He retorted, reloading his pistol and sending for a new target. "What ever do you want, Valasia? If I'm not mistaken, our meeting isn't for another fifty minutes. I suppose that my watch might be off, though it is unlikely." Not that he had checked.

Three shots rang out. Valasia's target hadn't been far away, but now it was nearly gone save a small piece of broken wood that used to represent feet. That pistol wasn't the most useful, but it certainly was something that would make her feared. That was essential for any pirate. 

Grave shot his pistol off once more, all his bullets aiming for the heart and head. This next job would potentially be the most important. Vega had done extensive research, like always, on her route. If she meant to explore the Alatheia Nebula that Elin had discovered, then Grave would have to follow. 

Because it was a place that would soon become populated by traveling ships, should she succeed. Getting a heads up and setting up a few bases in the area would make for considerable profits in the future. It was a worthy investment, to be sure. 

"You still have time, love," Valasia said, reloading and stowing away her pistol. "I'll be waiting, though. Don't keep me too long now." 

Grave watched her go out of the corner of his eye. Was that a new dress? It certainly looked expensive... 

He shook his head and focused back on shooting. Some of the others in the room were even watching every target he shot. Grave didn't care, really, but he did wish they would focus on their own practice. It mattered not. 

His thoughts wandered to his current lifestyle, as usual when he lost himself in shooting. He was the captain of the Eclipse Cathedral, a ship whose name was notorious, but could go into any port without getting caught. It was all thanks to the ship's changing appearances, of course, and strategies. 

Grave wondered about how well this next mission would go, however. They had reports of some military personnel were present aboard the ship. Depending on who, that could make things quite difficult. Plus, he had an overall bad feeling about all of this. His logic passed it off as being wary of Vega's background, but he wasn't so sure now. 

Elin's disappearance was also a factor. What had happened? Maybe he had been grabbed by a squid? No, that man was experienced. He would avoid black holes by far. Something had to have happened. Grave would have to keep an eye out for anything while they tailed Vega. He wasn't concerned with Elin, really, and the Eclipse Cathedral was way better equipped than any exploration ship. 

But, danger was never something he ignored. Even potential danger. 

After the last shots had been fired from his pistol, Grave checked his watch and decided he should head to his office. After reloading with ammunition from the shooting range, he started walked through the hallways of pipes and steam. 

Soon, in just a few days, they would attack Vega. 

The End

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