Thea: The Journey BeginsMature

Thea woke up before the sun had risen. She was excited; the prospect of joining the crew on the voyage was something she had wanted to do all of her life. She only wished her father could see her. Part of her was also nervous. What if her step-mother had sent people out looking for her? Not that she expected her to care, but she wouldn't like Thea's disobedience. 

Thea was on board the ship before most people. She wanted to get a feel for it. Her father had always said, he always stood in the centre of the ship and listened to the sails before he began a journey. He said that it filled him with confidence; that the sound of the sails was fate, urging them to begin. 

"What are you doing on my ship?" A sharp voice called from behind her and she spun around, coming face to face with a tall and muscular woman wearing leather pants and a shirt. Thea could see in the dim lamp light that the shirt was loose, and not done up properly, and the woman looked as though she had been half way through getting ready when she'd heard Thea on deck. 

"Um... I work here?"

"You're one of the new crew members." It was a statement, not a question, so Thea just nodded but kept quiet. "You don't look like you're used to hard work."

"I suppose that's why I'm your new navigator." Thea tried not to be offended, but she saw that the other woman was. "Captain?" She finished, making certain. 

"Captain Amalia Vega. You'll be working closely with me if you're the navigator. Don't think that'll get you out of hard labour though."

Thea straightened up, frowning. 

"I wouldn't dream of it Captain."

"Good. What're you doing here early? It's still dark."

"I... I heard that it's good to get a feel of the ship."

She regarded me critically for a moment. 

"What did you say your name was?"

"I... Thea. Thea Penna."

"You seem familiar Thea."

"I guess I just have one of those faces." Damn, Thea thought, what if she knew my father?

"Mmm." The Captain narrowed her eyes, but seemed to get distracted by something behind Thea. Then, light spilled on to the ship. It rose across Amalia's face, and Thea gulped. Her eyes were dark, almost black, and her hair feel loose, untamed and wild around her face and spilled over her shoulders, falling to mid waist. Then, the dark eyes flicked back to Thea and seemed to scan her. "Have you eaten?"


"Go see the ships cook, Mr. Livo. He should be up and preparing some food for me. Bring it to me and get some extra for yourself. We need to plot our course."

"Yes Captain." She turned on her heel and marched back through the door she had come through. 

Thea headed below the deck in search of the cook. She found him, later rather than sooner, by following her nose. Her stomach rumbled at the smell of warm bread. Bread would be one of the things that, a few days in to the journey, the crew would no longer have. 

"What're ya doing down here girly?" A gruff voice sounded, and a short man with a shock of dirty blonde hair appeared from behind a stove. He came to about mid thigh on Thea, and glared up at her out of small green eyes. 

"Erm. Captain sent me? For breakfast. For her and me."

"Oh did she?" He grumbled, hobbling over to the stove again. "For both of ya, she said?"

"Yes. While we discuss the course we will take."

"So yer the navigator are ya?"

"Ya... I mean yes." He peered at her through narrowed eyes (Does everyone on this ship do that?) and then began making up two plates. Thea's stomach growled again when he cut off two chunks of bread. 

"Every bin on a ship before lass?"

"Yes. But I've never sailed on one."

"So how come yer the navigator fer a dangerous mission then?"

"Because I'm good at what I do." Thea replied. She didn't need anyone poking holes in her place on the ship. 

"Oh, are ya know?" He chuckled darkly. "Well then, that's me told, isnae?"

Thea escaped from his questioning with the two plates, and made her way to the Captain's quarters. She knocked, not wanting to disturb her if she was still dressing, and waited until she was called in. 

"Ah, good, food. Sit down, we have a lot to go through." The Captain was now fully dressed, Captain's coat in pride of place over her fully done up shirt. Thea could feel the authority radiating off of her as she took her place, and they began planning. 


Thea rushed out of deck to watch the ship begin the journey. She watched as everyone did their duty, pulling ropes and loosening more sails, letting them fly free. Amalia stood near by, and watched the way Thea's eyes lit up with a small smile. 

"Engines! Sails! Get ready all!" She gave the order to cast off, and within moments they were sailing upwards, out of the planet's atmosphere. Thea grinned at the rush of air as the gravity shields doubled up, and then they were off. 

Off on their adventure. 

The End

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