Evolution; Making "Soldiers"

I absolutely refuse to be given a squad of organic beings.  It would only make me less efficient in combat.  I would make my own "soldiers."

The science department had plenty of extra electronics lying around, so I began working.  I soon came up with a drone that would be most useful.  Unfortunately, I couldn't mass produce them... yet.

It took me only an hour to assemble each of the drones.  They had very strong yet lightweight armor, and a decent shield generator.  The armament consisted of;  three plasma cannons, two small missile launchers, a self destruct, small claws, and a whip like tail.  The end of the tail had a very sharp barb on it, made of very strong metals.  The claws were similarly crafted.

I activated the drones, which began hovering about five feet in the air.  They were created so that they could attach to my body, and then detach when the need arose.  I walked down the hallway towards the meeting room, and encountered several humans along the way; they were terrified of these new machines I had made.

The End

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