I was separated from Lance. I finally saw him, his blade swinging around. I had long since taken out my gun, in favour of my dagger, which was not so good for close combat. Finally I was able to get an even better gun from a dead body.

"Lance!" I yelled. I was able to clear a path of dead bodies to him. I got near, but not so near as to be in reach of his sword, which was flying around wildly, and very fast.

"C'mon!" He shouted. I followed, defending myself as I went. Suddenly I felt something on my hand. A searing pain.

"Ah, man!" I whined. I had trouble following Lance, now, due to my hand. Black began to creep in on my vision. I was just able to make it to where he was standing before I blacked out completely. The last thing I felt was concrete against my scull.


I woke up, and I felt quite stiff. I tried to sit up, but my left hand wouldn't obey. I held it up, looking at the cast wrapped around it. "Oh no!" I sighed. I looked around. I was in the infirmary. I jumped out of the bed, and immediately regretted it. Everything started spinning.

"You shouldn't stand up!" a concerned nurse said. "You were shot in the hand. You've been out for a full day now, lots of blood loss. You also hit your head quite hard."

"Thanks." I said. I walked towards the door before realising I was wearing a very ugly, pastel- coloured gown. I asked for my own clothes. I was handed them, and after changing in the bathroom, despite having my clothes dirty and blood-stained, it made me feel better.

I went to find Lance. I knocked on his door. "Yeah?" he said.

"Hi there." I said.

"Heidi!" He opened the door. "How are you?"

"Not so good." I motioned to my hand. "It's completely useless. I think they wanted me to stay over there, but no way. Anyway, I won't need it." I tried to put my left hand in my pocket, but the cast wouldn't fit. "Anyway, how'd we get out of there? Anyone survive?"

"Not really. One person from the science team, but he's badly injured. They don't think he's going to survive. One other person too, she was okay."

"Maybe next time they'll be more careful. Or at least what's left of 'them'."

"Yeah, maybe you should be more careful too. Did you notice that the one who shot you in the hand was standing right behind you?"

"No." I nearly blushed. "I was running to catch up with you."

"Yeah, right. And then you fell unconsious. I had to call for help, defend myself, and pull you along at the same time. Wasn't that easy."

"Sorry." I said quickly. I could tell he knew I didn't mean it. "Anyway, what did I miss?"

The End

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