Lance: Attack on large scale

They gave up trying to save the scientist. The leader looked scared he was going to be in deep trouble.

" You guys are like a group of childern. Get up , put the plant in a sample jar. Pick up your dead we are leaving." I ordered.

The scientist stared at me like I was heartless. They are exactly like children.

" You are on a battle field we are leaving now!We are all going to be dead if we don't move!" I yelled at them

That made a little to much noise. Thats another thing that soldiers don't need anger.  I could hear the scuttling and moving of the evil ones.

" Crap , Sorry Hiede, Evolution, troops I attrated attention.You guys have your hand guns>" I said  grabbing my gun in my left hand and my light blade in my right.

The scientist pulled out the lauable little guns. You could compare them two those little water pistols. The trops began to surround the scientist. Hiedi pulled out her dagger.

" Okay back to the time transfer. Now!" I orderd as I could see the first Evil one I shot it in the head.

There was more to come and they where begining to surround us.  Evolution took first charge as he seemed immune to the plasme a fire.  I continued to skillfully shoot down the evil ones. for every evil human I killed only more came. Two troopers where shot down like fodder the science team was being slaughtered only the leader and a girl remained. I couldn't see hiedi. The evil humans where getting into sword sing distance. I clicked the gun onto the light blade and began to slice and shoot , my arm  making the sword swing nearly impposible to see. 

We needed back up. As I slice through 5 evil humans I tap a small device that would scream for help.

The End

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