Evolution; What is your point?

The human was so proud of his new robotic arm, even though it had definite design flaws.  I could disable it with a single, well placed tap.

He then started to lecture me about how it was because of the humans that I existed.  That may be, but they were stupid and gave us sentience.  They thought it would make us better, but instead, we killed them.

My repair systems were working towards repairing my memory core, and so far I remembered this;

The humans were using robots on their star-ships, because they didn't have to waste space for life support systems.  We didn't need a lot of space, we never slept, and we were far more efficient at our jobs.

They started wars with each other, and sent thousands of robots to destruction.  The original designers of the artificial intelligence that we operated on initiated a fleet-wide reboot, adding in sentience.  The robots all retained their memory of how the humans were unable to survive without us, and turned against their creators.

The ships tore through the defenseless human planets.  They killed trillions of humans.  Less than a year later, no humans remained.  Very efficient indeed.

The human knew nothing of what had created us, and as long as  I retained my self-control, they never would, until it was far too late.

The End

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