Lance: I wish

"I wish that eveything can solved by research and peace. Just that this isn't any normal war. Our enemy is pure evil and its not going to reason with peace , and research. It won't stop till we are all dead." I say taking my mind of my new arm. 

Evolution didn't seem to be any more impressed than he was before.

" You know how Machines where brout into the universe?" I ask it.

" No." He replied

" thought not. Humans created machines to make life easier. Obviously the humans in you timeline gave you something they shouldn't have. Self awarness. Machines use pure logic which isn't nessarily right. So when the gain self awareness , they notice afterwhile what is the point of biological beings?  They live short lives and die and don't contribute to the universe as much as the robots do. Ultimate conclusion useless being that will die anyways."  I lecture the robo. 

" So if you think your race is free of humans. It isn't because somewhere along the programming lines of your self awareness that they helped you create. theres something wrong. If you mess it up you'll mess it up. Its I ticking time bomb."

The scientist who drank the nectar began to choke , cough up blood and die.

" Ok i'm not scientist but this was in high school sciencel. Rule number 1 don't drink , taste or touch fluids the substance you testing." I said irratably as the scientist try to revive the fallen scientist.

The End

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